Traducción de uncertainty principle en Español:

uncertainty principle

principio de incertidumbre, n.


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    principio de incertidumbre masculino
    • Subject to the limitations of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, the advancement of atomic physics and quantum physics allowed increasingly accurate descriptions of complex atoms.
    • It turns out to be a basic consequence of the two basic principles of quantum theory, the uncertainty principle and the superposition principle.
    • In addition, the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics prevents speculation on times shorter than 10-43 seconds after the big bang.
    • For Bohr, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is an ontological principle of indeterminacy; for Bohm, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is an epistemological principle of ignorance.
    • This assumption is made by the hidden-variable theories that have been advanced as alternatives to quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle.