Traducción de unclasp en Español:


desabrochar, v.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈklæsp//ʌnˈklɑːsp/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (necklace/bracelet) desabrochar
    he unclasped his hands separó las manos
    • he managed to unclasp her hand from the railing logró soltarle la mano de la reja
    • The detector could easily be wired to activate a dashboard alarm light similar to ones that notify a driver that a seat belt is unclasped.
    • Unexpected to all of them, the weirdest thing happened when Helen unclasped the bracelet and handed it over to Hika.
    • They seem to think that live theatre is like TV or a movie - that you can eat during it, comment during it, unzip and unclasp various items during it and of course, answer your cell phone.
    • He unclasps the hinge, still working perfectly seven centuries after being made.
    • I unclasped my seat belt and locked all the doors, my utmost security measure in case of imminent fright, while I stared outside looking for a sign of life.
    • Merrick took a deep breath and steadying the crate with one hand, unclasps the door with the other, pushing it open.
    • He unclasped his cloak and wrapped it around her, rubbing her arms.
    • When she unclasped the device, the two covers popped apart, revealing a metal container and a single lens in front.
    • Ceremoniously she unclasped the gilded clasp, and took out the wrap of heroin that now contained a gram of South Gloucestershire brickdust.
    • He grabbed a satchel charge, carefully unclasping the clasp and flipping the tan covering off, revealing plastic explosives and a carefully placed set of syringes.
    • He reached up around his neck and unclasped his silver chain with the cross pendant on it.
    • With a small gasp of delight, the mer-kid stroked its edges gently, unclasped the lid, and pulled the small box open.
    • I pulled my clutch bag from the sofa and unclasped the bottle shaped clasp.
    • ‘It's the cape,’ said Barnabus authoritatively, deftly unclasping the offending article from Alice's neck.
    • Curiously, she unclasped the box and lifted up the lid, her emerald eyes widening in excitement from what she saw inside.
    • Jason unclasped the chain and fastened it around her neck.
    • Ricky gently took it out from the box and unclasped it.
    • We unclasped our seat belts and got out of the car.
    • He closed his eyes, reached up a hand shrouded in shadows, and unclasped his cloak, letting it fall off his head and onto the ground.
    • He may have survived the initial impact and it was possible he had unclasped his seatbelt, as there was no sign of it being forced.