Traducción de unclear en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌənˈklɪr//ʌnˈklɪə/


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    he explained it twice, but I'm still rather unclear lo explicó dos veces, pero todavía no lo tengo muy claro
    • to be unclear about sth
    • I'm unclear about his intentions no estoy muy seguro de sus intenciones
    • he was unclear about his reasons for doing it no dio una explicación muy clara de sus motivos
    • I'm unclear (as to) what I should do no tengo muy claro qué debo hacer
    • It is also now quite unclear who actually has the final word: the European Commission or the Council of Ministers.
    • The clear mild waters around many of the areas hit by the tsunami have made them popular with divers and it remains unclear how many were killed.
    • The ownership of the site is unclear, leading to difficulties in attempts to remove the Travellers.
    • The precise origin of the Royal meeting is unclear, but the first four-day meeting took place in 1768.
    • Personhood is no doubt an open-ended concept that defies philosophic analysis in unclear cases.
    • It is unclear when these steps will be taken or what they will entail.
    • At that time it was unclear whether he had a capable team around him.
    • However, it's unclear whether that was with his intimidators or his friends.
    • It was unclear from the newspaper report whether Beijing is offering to pay to build the line on the Pakistani side.
    • This compromise was put by Mr Latham himself, but what's still unclear is how far Labor is determined to go.
    • The details of the incident are as yet still unclear, but it would seem that the boy began to cross the road, in front of stationary traffic.
    • The foundation said the effects of the spill on the island's fragile environment were still unclear.
    • Hence, it is unclear how much of the current rise in investor demand is merely deferred demand from the end of last year.
    • It is unclear whether ADS will make it any easier for Chinese people to get visas.
    • However, the role of BRs in cell division remains unclear, as contradictory results have been reported.
    • Samuel's role remains unclear, but his real allegiance seems increasingly obvious.
    • But the long-term future still remains unclear, which is something of a disappointment.
    • It is still unclear how the crisis between Syria and Lebanon will evolve.
    • It's unclear how easy it is to pass on the virus between outbreaks or when you have no symptoms.
    • The court heard it was unclear if the turkey cooking was the sole cause of the outbreak.
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    poco claro
    the meaning is unclear el significado no está claro
    • The Indian High Commission in London said the hijackers' demands were unclear.
    • The story is a bit unclear, but as I understand it, she was just standing at the kitchen counter when she fell on her bum.
    • Her head felt muzzy and everything was so unclear… was that thunder she heard in the distance?
    • It's unclear how a Segway makes it easier to stop and talk to people than say a car or bike also resting at a hotel or person's house.
    • The language of poverty and misery is unclear and uncomfortable.
    • How the hell I make easy use of it as a blog creator remains unclear as of my last visit to their site.
    • It remains unclear why Askar Akaev decided to leave under such humiliating circumstances.
    • Today, these students of compassion are gone again, their identity uncertain and their aim unclear.
    • Though it is unclear why there should be such a marked difference, 3G masts transmit at higher frequencies.
    • A motive for any attack is unclear but detectives are looking into both Mr Guilfoyle's private and business lives.
    • Exactly how they determine what is and isn't a blog is unclear.
    • Given all the bureaucracy and complex or unclear rules that currently exist, this is more than welcome.
    • It was all very unclear, and I really didn't understand why they did it.
    • Manchester Crown Court heard that the reason he was targeted was unclear and the attack could have been without motive.
    • The walkie-talkie was very hard to understand, with a lot of static, and very unclear.
    • Evidence to the inquiries showed that the law and the way it was understood was unclear.
    • The exact number of ones with problems is unclear from the articles but it seems to be a handful out of many at best.
    • At present, several major aspects of our understanding of the northern New Zealand area are unclear.
    • Through the open doorway, he heard the voice of Aline Fulke but her words were unclear.
    • As a matter of fact the understanding is quite unclear in this area of Riba al-Fadl as well, like it is in others.