Traducción de uncommonly en Español:


extraordinariamente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈkɑmənli//ʌnˈkɒmənli/


  • 1

    it's uncommonly warm hace un calor fuera de lo normal
    • not uncommonly con cierta / relativa frecuencia
    • A string of uncommonly frightening encounters and a grimy dark feel sets the bar.
    • In a land where power is often measured by an executive's fear factor, Lyne is remarkably calm and uncommonly polite.
    • It was at one uncommonly crowded nights of these that I met Li'l Andy.
    • Lydia looked up at Theo, wondering at the uncommonly serious tone in his voice.
    • The room was uncommonly tidy, except for the books on the desk, and there were no pictures on the walls.