Traducción de uncomplimentary en Español:


poco halagador, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌʌnkɒmplɪˈmɛnt(ə)ri//ˌənˌkɑmpləˈmɛnt(ə)ri/


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    (remarks) poco halagador
    (report) desfavorable
    he was most uncomplimentary about my dress hizo comentarios nada halagadores sobre mi vestido
    • Several of them have become a talking point in the office, though unfortunately many of the comments are uncomplimentary.
    • These uncomplimentary images diminished the service of women volunteers.
    • The published book on the research was uncomplimentary about the town and many of its leaders and was written in what many people felt was a rather patronizing tone.
    • A few words flashed into her head, most uncomplimentary, some unrepeatable.
    • It's not the first time corporations have agreed to show their products in an uncomplimentary light.
    • Once there, they were treated to the sight and sound of the club's vice-chairman orchestrating the post-match analysis in a distinctly uncomplimentary manner.
    • As I said, some people don't know what they got till its gone and I intend to remove any ungrateful and uncomplimentary subscribers from my address book unless I am duly praised and thanked.
    • Many members of the Government appear unaware that they have the ability to stop many of the uncomplimentary stories that are written about them.
    • ‘After continual taunts, I over-reacted and made an uncomplimentary gesture,’ he said.
    • Just as you indicated to the member that he would be going home early and then turned to this side of the House, the member muttered some very uncomplimentary remarks towards you.
    • The judge was awarded €25,000 from the paper following uncomplimentary and libellous remarks about his telephonic habits.
    • Elements of the British media was particularly uncomplimentary about the bid, with the Daily Telegraph, not above the occasional bout of Paddy bashing, making some witty references to Riverdance.
    • It is a good while since our letters bag has received so many submissions on one topic and all but one have been uncomplimentary.
    • It has been called, in an uncomplimentary way, ‘professors' law’ and viciously parodied within Germany.
    • Do we really want to return to those dark times when Catholic authorities attempted to strip from the Talmud those passages that are uncomplimentary toward Jesus?
    • And I don't mean that in an altogether uncomplimentary way.
    • Ed: this won't do - we must try and restrain uncomplimentary language!
    • What it says, though, is generally uncomplimentary.
    • Witter is equally uncomplimentary about Hatton, all but accusing him of cowardice for failing to meet him so far.
    • Not (I must reiterate) that I've said anything uncomplimentary about him here, anyway.