Traducción de unconcerned en Español:


indiferente, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnkənˈsəːnd//ˌənkənˈsərnd/


  • 1

    he was unconcerned by the noise/their threats estaba indiferente al ruido/a sus amenazas
    • unconcerned about sth/sb
    • they were unconcerned about the outcome no les preocupaba el resultado
    • They are totally unconcerned with the conduct of things in this place.
    • Mr. Helmer appears to have been unconcerned as he talked casually with Constable Stanway.
    • First there was a deer, quite sketchy, but with a bright, open face, unconcerned, as though he was simply standing at rest.
    • They did not worry if their victims were at home and seemed unconcerned about being disturbed.
    • I catch a glimpse of the sleek shape of a white-tipped reef shark gliding towards us with unconcerned ease.
    • Astor noticed an immediate change in Philip Hallan's studied air of unconcerned interest.
    • This sow seemed unconcerned with the onlookers, being more than content just to keep an eye on her new litter of piglets.
    • The US is equally unconcerned globally, federally, statewide and locally.
    • They appeared unconcerned about the ultimate usefulness of such a costly education in a depressed market.
    • But she seems peculiarly unconcerned about the distraction a fainting father might present to the midwife.
    • Yet the government does exactly this and the public seems pretty much unconcerned about it.
    • One could justly add that Spielberg's magic touch is tangible, even if it appears a little unconcerned.
    • Without a plan, Democrats risk looking unconcerned about future retirees.
    • Even when she threatened to contact the police Hoyle seemed unconcerned and continued to pull himself through the window.
    • John Howard was unconcerned by the incident, praising his security staff.
    • His companions are seemingly unconcerned about his fatal injuries, being much more worried about the fate of the horse.
    • Kemino meant the question to sound worried, but it came out unconcerned and a bit shallow.
    • Richard lies in the shape of a cross on the soil, pretending to be a dreamer unconcerned with the world.
    • Putras seems unaffected and unconcerned, as if it is then of no interest to him.
    • Despite being warned by crew members, the Manchester man was said to have shown no remorse and seemed unconcerned by his actions.