Traducción de uncontrolled en Español:


incontrolado, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnkənˈtrəʊld//ˌənkənˈtroʊld/


  • 1

    the dogs run through the house uncontrolled los perros corren por toda la casa sin ningún control
    • I have however often been run into by a pushchair or an uncontrolled child.
    • At this time I hadn't worked out the reason for my uncontrolled descent and was rather confused.
    • Ravel depicted a culture spinning out on control with uncontrolled kinetic energy.
    • As he turned to go back inside he realised that Dot was standing there watching him and he let out an uncontrolled exclamation.
    • The answers almost certainly can be found in our obsession with compliance and the uncontrolled whims of fund managers.
    • It is what monopoly legislation was meant to be about as uncontrolled domination by one participant in any market is undesirable.
    • It is disrupted in many cancers, resulting in uncontrolled cell growth.
    • If uncontrolled, it causes him to bleed into his joints and muscles.
    • Worsley is no longer as uncontrolled a force as he once was.
    • He behaved like a spoiled brat, his power unchecked and uncontrolled.
    • Loss of p53 control leads to uncontrolled growth and is associated with more aggressive tumours.
    • A York man who hit a toddler twice on the face in uncontrolled anger was today starting 12 months in jail.
    • We recently renewed some of the fencing in the area to protect the sheep after a spate of injuries caused to them by uncontrolled dogs.
    • Quite frankly, our elections have become an uncontrolled shambles.
    • The human race, without intending it, has undertaken a gigantic uncontrolled experiment on the earth.
    • They scoured the dunes and nearby beach with binoculars to detect any sign of uncontrolled activity.
    • Outbursts of uncontrolled rage and of teenage aggression, it seems, are becoming simply a part of the society we live in.
    • This will surely result in the uncontrolled roads becoming more congested by commuter parking.
    • Airspace over the aerodrome is also uncontrolled, says company secretary Chris Hudson.
    • Not long ago this led to a spate of uncontrolled closures, with subpostmasters believing they had no choice but to leave.