Traducción de uncover en Español:


destapar, v.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈkʌvə//ˌənˈkəvər/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (remove covering of)
    the men uncovered their heads los hombres se descubrieron
    • This is the time it takes for the moon gradually to cover the sun, and then to uncover it again later.
    • Nine mummies were lying there, inside coffins which were partly covered, partly uncovered, and mostly bearing royal cartouches.
    • She slides the metal tray even closer to the bed and uncovers my bare leg.
    • He sits in the dining hall covering and uncovering his ears, listening to the noise that roars like a train.
    • The film continues its sinister loop, covering and uncovering the person or object that is buried.
    • And after Sylvester covered her with the sheet, he uncovered her.
    • To finish the pilaf, remove the casserole from the oven after 30 minutes and allow to stand for 5 minutes before uncovering.
    • Erin awoke, uncovering herself from the mountains of blankets that covered her on her bed.
    • Back at home, remove both containers from the bag and uncover the broccoli and tofu.
    • Ann uncovered her sketch-pad to reveal a pencil sketch she had been working on.
    • Turning to my shoulder, I slowly unwrapped the bandage, eyes squinting halfway as I uncovered my cut, revealing a still tender wound that throbbed.
    • Until relatively recently, most of the structure was covered in earth, until some locals decided to uncover the front chamber and display the building as a piece of local heritage.
    • The alternative is to uncover the poorly preserved boards and perhaps reinstate their original covering - linoleum.
    • The nurses had uncovered him and his body had appeared completely naked, covered by bruises and scratches.
    • Later in the season, gradually remove the soil so that the canes are uncovered completely by the last frost date in your area.
    • He fought his tears and cautiously brought the blanket around Emma down a little, uncovering her bare chest.
    • In former times the custom was to uncover the face of the rich and cover the face of the poor because the faces of the poor had turned livid during lives of drought.
    • Carefully, she set the bundle down and uncovered it, revealing a baby cheetah.
    • Keeping the bottle upright on the table, remove the lid to uncover the opening on the top of the cap.
    • When the instrument is more than a simple tube, such as a flute with finger holes, the player can manipulate the size of the air column by covering or uncovering the finger holes.
  • 2

    (reveal, lay bare)
    (treasure) dejar al descubierto
    (tomb) abrir
    • Gradually she uncovers not only a prostitution ring but a possible serial killer with links to a high profile death penalty case.
    • But with each clue he uncovers, a troubling picture emerges about the man who may have been his father.
    • Even more importantly, Neela uncovers in Solanka what he thought was totally absent in his life, that is, his capability of loving another person.
    • In doing so she uncovers the horrors of his past and a yet more terrible future.
    • They soon realise that, if they are to survive, they will have to uncover the secret that has brought them all together.
    • Excavations uncovered and removed human skeletal remains from the cave.
    • The journalists said they were particularly alarmed by the number of chat room paedophiles their research uncovered in such a short period.
    • Normally his family life, with lecturer wife Paula and two teenage children, is a nice counterpoint to the mayhem and misery his work uncovers.
    • This afternoon I set out to solve the riddle, though so far I have only succeeded in uncovering more questions.
    • She uncovers and illuminates some remarkable poetic experiments.
    • He could finish the project now and get an average grade, and yet, maybe there was something he had not yet uncovered that could lead him to higher marks?
    • We will have to wait and see what the tide uncovers in the morning.
    • Occasionally, reckless use of a search engine uncovers something interesting.
    • We're still uncovering, as late as this morning, other incidents, other cases, that will be promptly investigated by the Department of Defense.
    • Of the hundreds of differences the team uncovered, one stood out.
    • Throwing them aside, I soon uncovered a quantity of building stone and mortar.
    • He uncovers more about his private life including the identity of his fiancé, a point of much speculation until now.
    • These are among the more startling revelations that Cheung uncovers.
    • What begins as a night of booze and fun soon uncovers darker memories.
    • They set down a policy to introduce initiatives, including the presumption that the council will consider prosecution in every case of fraud it uncovers.
  • 3

    (scandal/plot) revelar
    (plot/scandal) sacar a la luz