Traducción de underbrush en Español:


maleza, n.

Pronunciación /ˈəndərˌbrəʃ//ˈʌndəbrʌʃ/



  • 1

    maleza femenino
    monte bajo masculino
    sotobosque masculino
    • He never found me, I only saw him crashing through the trees and underbrush like a herd of wild buffalo.
    • The vast forest surrounding the cliffs where he'd found Shanae was dense and thick with underbrush.
    • They nest on islands or inland in dense forests with thick moss but little underbrush.
    • It was thick with trees and underbrush and stretched far into the distance.
    • It would also help if the woods weren't so densely populated with trees and underbrush.
    • Riho entered the forest, pushing the branches and underbrush out of her way angrily.
    • The approaching figures crashed through the underbrush of the nearby copse.
    • John and Alissa walked in silence through the dense trees and underbrush of the forest.
    • Maggie stepped forward out of the underbrush and felt wood under her feet.
    • She paused at the edge of the woods, mustered her courage, and plowed into the underbrush.
    • There was a rustling noise from the ground and Kayla popped out of the underbrush.
    • They stepped slowly through an almost wall of trees and underbrush and into a large clearing.
    • Merida was barely the size of a large house cat, but she was still small enough to lose in the forest underbrush.
    • I hop over the railing and land on some grass as it grows with other underbrush in the backyard.
    • In the distance, I heard the sound of footsteps crashing through underbrush.
    • Ian called her and heard the sound of movement in the underbrush from the woods bordering the road.
    • Towards the east end, the direction they were headed, lay more plants and underbrush.
    • The two mares raced through underbrush, scaring up grouse, rabbit, and a flock of pheasant.
    • However, there is no underbrush, none can thrive in the malnourished soil.
    • She was surprised that the man didn't even stumble on the thick underbrush in the dark.