Traducción de underestimate en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌəndərˈɛstəˌmeɪt//ʌndərˈɛstɪmeɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (guess too low)
    they underestimated the cost by $500 al calcular el costo se quedaron cortos en 500 dólares
  • 2

    (importance/difficulty) subestimar
    (person) subestimar
    (person) menospreciar
    • I think so, and I think we're underestimating the importance of this.
    • I'm not underestimating him and I'm not overestimating him.
    • She said it was important not to underestimate the impact of binge drinking - particularly among young women.
    • Although perhaps I'm underestimating her - perhaps she has this effect on everyone.
    • Most important of all; never underestimate the necessity to save up for your retirement.
    • I think there is a real risk that the Administration underestimates the difficulties.
    • He believes they are grossly underestimating the impact of growth on their infrastructure.
    • I fear that you're underestimating the size and importance of that segment.
    • If his victory over them was unexpected and astonishing to many, it was because they underestimated him.
    • ‘They can underestimate us as much as they like,’ adds Hines scornfully.
    • In fact, he'd already decided this was one woman who did her best to make people underestimate her.
    • This grossly underestimates the fixed costs involved in running a CD manufacturing plant.
    • I think I seriously underestimate the extent to which our society's addictions drive the actions of our citizens.
    • The findings suggest that official estimates based on surveys of the public significantly underestimate the extent of alcohol abuse in the country.
    • Some of the author's analysis is rather basic but there are also some important insights, although the author on occasion underestimates their significance.
    • We are certainly not going to catch them cold or underestimating us.
    • Comedy aside, don't underestimate the seriousness with which these people take their tasks.
    • The last five years, the government has been grossly underestimating its revenue, steadily.
    • Businesses grossly underestimate the spending power of disabled people, says the commission.
    • However, I would also add that one should not underestimate the importance of the influence of the editor in getting ideas signed off.
    • She has fought her fair share of demons and to underestimate her now would prove a serious error of judgement.
    • Back on his home patch, people are less likely to underestimate him.
    • I personally have been underestimating him for two years.
    • I mean, the people who underestimate him are the same people who underestimated the former mayor.
    • However, he knew he would not be satisfied until every person paid for underestimating him.
    • I'm not sure they've been underestimating him, even before last week.
    • Stefan said the team was not underestimating the importance of preparation.
    • People who worked for Casey soon learned to underestimate him at their own peril.
    • My father had always underestimated him, always mistaken his kind nature for weakness.
    • Therefore it is important not to underestimate the replacement value of everything inside your house that is not fixed to the walls.
    • Of course, letting people underestimate you has tactical advantages.
    • Even after his landslide election victory last year, they continue to underestimate him.
    • But it could be a mistake for political opponents to underestimate him.
    • If she does that same type of preparation, she could impress people who are underestimating her.
    • The majority of people grossly underestimate the effort required to earn a certification.
    • Earlier estimates may simply have underestimated the true cost.
    • For a start, many people grossly underestimate the time their project will take and, as a result, jobs either don't get completed or are rushed.
    • I wish people wouldn't underestimate me, or my strength, or my weakness.
    • Ontario universities underestimated the extent of this growth in demand and thence enrolment.
    • The president made a mistake in underestimating me.


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    cálculo demasiado bajo masculino