Traducción de underfoot en Español:


debajo de los pies, adv.

Pronunciación /ˌəndərˈfʊt//ʌndəˈfʊt/


  • 1

    debajo de los pies
    it's slippery underfoot el suelo está resbaladizo
    • to trample sth underfoot pisotear algo
    • The slippery and wet ground underfoot also dampened any prospect of a free-flowing game.
    • Trail shoes also have a lower heel, allowing you to stay closer to the ground and giving you more ‘feel’ for the varied ground underfoot.
    • The ground was cold underfoot but we were laughing as we fetched rocks from the river, re-erected the tent and weighed down its rim with the rocks.
    • The young man watched the empty doorway for a moment then sagged against the table, not noticing as the photos fluttered to the ground to be trampled underfoot.
    • The ground underfoot was still hopelessly boggy, and as I jumped the half metre distance from the van to the floor, little specks of mud flew everywhere.
    • The ground stirred underfoot, enough to shake the group of four, but not enough for them to lose their equilibrium.
    • An overnight frost made the ground underfoot extremely slippery and made for a perilous descent.
    • With the ground underfoot very wet, players were slipping all over the park and passing moves were continually let down by poor handling.
    • The first thing Ben noticed was that the ground underfoot seemed less dusty; he was walking on bare rock.
    • The advocates of summer rugby will have loved it as the firm ground underfoot encouraged the two teams to play some terrific expansive rugby.
    • Well, that started with the idea that this place, everything from the solid ground underfoot to the stale flavor of blowing dust, was not actually real.
    • Giles felt it before he saw anything: a pounding on the ground underfoot.
    • My bare feet were tickled by the cool, dewy grass underfoot.
    • The grass was dying as well; the sickly yellowish leaves crumbled as they were trodden underfoot.
    • It's usually really cold, the ground underfoot gets muddy and the badly controlled crowd management means that it takes ages to leave.
    • The ground underfoot is often unstable, and some of the currents are extremely strong.
    • It sounded like the ground was pursing it's lips as diggers shuffled their boots on the broken ground underfoot.
    • The ground underfoot was soggy, with mud pushing between Sekher's toes.
    • Moving carefully, checking the ground underfoot and the supports overhead as he went, he moved towards it.
    • Rain seriously affected matters in the tea interval, and we had to bowl on a wet pitch, which soon became very muddy and slippery underfoot, making bowling extremely difficult.