Traducción de underinvest en Español:


no invertir lo suficiente, v.

Pronunciación /ʌndərɪnˈvɛst//ˌəndərɪnˈvɛst/

verbo intransitivo

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    no invertir lo suficiente
    • We're certainly not underinvesting in these areas.
    • The company admitted that it has underinvested in analogue while the changeover was taking place and that this had caused some problems.
    • Supplies of many metals have been unusually tight in recent years, as miners have underinvested in or shut down production.
    • And so what we have is a situation where men are really underinvesting in themselves.
    • The problems with the public services are that they are underinvested in, but they are also not based around the needs of the individual consumer.
    • ‘The world is underinvested in innovative services that try to bring something new to consumers and to advertisers,’ Pincus says.
    • Well, health care underinvests in information technology.
    • The private sector generally underinvests in this type of R&D because it cannot capture all the benefits.
    • The departments in which administrators underinvest are generally those whose faculty teach more undergraduates, but do not bring in external funds.
    • Previous management had underinvested in Europe for years while waiting for a major acquisition, resulting in unsustainable earnings that would take up to three years to turn around.
    • Both findings indicate that from a social standpoint the private sector underinvests in R & D, making a case for government policy measures to promote private investment in innovation.
    • First, highly variable cash flows imply that there will be periods when a firm will underinvest in worthwhile projects.
    • In addition, health care has heavily underinvested in information technology compared with other enterprises.
    • Mackney added, ‘If governments underinvest in education or health the service begins to suffer.’
    • While further research is needed in every area, it is clear that the UK is currently underinvesting in interventions research.
    • We're not going to get caught underinvesting in this area.
    • I think process control networks are an area where the public and private sector may be underinvesting.
    • The equity and cash allocation means that the fund is likely to be underinvested in bonds.
    • Irish businesses in general have underinvested in IT.
    • He thinks it's an underinvested sector because the attention hasn't been there.