Traducción de undermine en Español:


socavar, v.

Pronunciación /ʌndəˈmʌɪn//ˌəndərˈmaɪn/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (cliffs/foundations) socavar
    • The lighthouse stands on a plinth of rock undermined by caves, perhaps once used by smugglers.
  • 2

    (strength/health) minar
    (health/strength) debilitar
    it undermined her self-confidence le hizo perder confianza en sí misma
    • you're undermining my authority me estás desautorizando / quitando autoridad
    • Our central argument with the producers is that their ‘new’ work practices are undermining our ability to do our trade.
    • That law undermined the power of local authorities.
    • Damage to the brain's left side often undermines language abilities.
    • This compromise has clearly undermined the church's ability to present the gospel with power and authority.
    • Mistakes or excessive collateral damage can undermine its potential effectiveness.
    • Their mental impairments may have also seriously undermined their ability to assist in their legal defense.
    • Nation states will not be interested in enabling that power, only in undermining it.
    • What they don't understand is that being boring limits their power and undermines their effectiveness.
    • Those who undersleep are undermining their cognitive abilities - whether meagre or not - as well as their private life and health.
    • They might have to share power and that is dangerous because it would undermine their position of power.
    • Many in positions of power undermine others and the organization to meet their own selfish needs.
    • And yet, the way he handled the events that followed gradually undermined his position.
    • Abusing the student programs in this way not only undermines the power of the union, but students are also being asked to do jobs for which they are not trained, raising concerns about health and safety.
    • I think all this niceness undermines our power.
    • It also undermines their ability their ability to trade in the peak Christmas season.
    • It undermines their ability to do their job and sets a bad example to the rest of the company.
    • And it is this influence which is understandably resented by many, who see it as insidiously undermining our own culture.
    • That undermined the hard power strategy of the country in a very concrete way.
    • Foreign debt undermines the country's ability to act independently.
    • And so, while she was demanding great things of us, she was also, in a way, undermining our ability to fulfill them.