Traducción de underperform en Español:


Pronunciación /ʌndəpəˈfɔːm//ˌəndərpərˈfɔrm/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    rendir por debajo de lo esperado
    tener un rendimiento pobre
    • Academies are state-of-the-art facilities that replace schools considered to be underperforming and are set up with the help of a private or charitable sponsor.
    • The hospital recently lost its three-star status, with hospital cleanliness the one key target on which the trust was considered to be underperforming.
    • If the team underperforms, the coach must look in the mirror before he does anything else.
    • As a country we are still underperforming massively on the international athletics stage and our track and field medals haul is simply not good enough when you consider our population and sporting heritage.
    • There are too many coasting schools, too many pupils underperforming in good schools.
    • ‘We let ourselves down in the last two finals by underperforming but we didn't talk about that before this match.’
    • Not only is he facing a tough consumer market in Europe but many of the group's brands are underperforming.
    • We are a performance-driven bank and others who have had their pay frozen are underperforming.
    • Judges who do not send convicted drug dealers to jail are hugely underperforming.
    • ‘A couple of years ago they were massively underperforming,’ says Chambers.
    • This country underperforms most noticeably in research and development, entrepreneurial activity and youth unemployment.
    • If your area was underperforming then you would surely aim to make it better, not cover up for people who are ineffective.
    • But it does not alter the fact that the hotels were underperforming.
    • The changes will also allow administrative staff deemed by the education department to be underperforming to be demoted, and will give greater autonomy to principals in the hiring and firing of teachers.
    • They're unskilled, inadequate and underperforming.
    • I felt that we underperformed, especially around the middle.
    • The rising tide of red tape is the major reason that small firms are underperforming in the economy.
    • We're in a no-win situation: if grades go up it's because of dumbing down, and if they drop we are underperforming.
    • I found the training very satisfying but the competition intensely frustrating because I knew I was always underperforming.
    • The feeling was that a team of incredible quality were seriously underperforming, and something had to change and quick.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    hacer rendir por debajo de lo esperado a
    hacer tener un rendimiento pobre a