Traducción de underrehearsed en Español:


poco ensayado, adj.

Pronunciación ///ˌəndə(r)rəˈhərst/


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    poco ensayado
    • The performances sounded under-rehearsed and poorly recorded.
    • In fact, the whole show feels under-rehearsed.
    • Alongside this good acting, there's some less impressive work from the supporting actors, some of whom appear under-rehearsed.
    • Writing fees are paltry and scripts are poorly researched, hastily developed and under-rehearsed.
    • The stage was empty again, and he tried to steel his nerves against what was surely to be another dull or under-rehearsed act.
    • They seemed under-rehearsed but, possibly, this will have been rectified during the course of the week.
    • The band started off sounding ragged and under-rehearsed, but got into their stride within a few numbers.
    • Performances lack focus and the cast are conspicuously under-rehearsed.
    • Although the first performance was an under-rehearsed disaster, the work became a great success with the new music scene.
    • To make matters worse, he was cringingly under-rehearsed on opening night, stopping the performance on at least seven counts to consult his script.
    • However, the lack of tightness in some entrances and exits give the show the appearance being under-rehearsed.
    • Unfortunately, he gets no help from the rest of the cast, who are noticeably under-rehearsed.
    • Once there was paint everywhere and even a little bit on the stools, we ushered the kids inside for an under-rehearsed puppet show performed by my husband and my seven-year-old daughter.
    • Despite some excellent performances, the supporting cast's efforts are uneven and the show appears slightly under-rehearsed.
    • Our performers, to be honest, were a little rough and under-rehearsed.
    • It's when the full band enters the picture that the performance takes on a dangerously under-rehearsed quality.
    • Perhaps this piece was under-rehearsed, which seemed to show in the performance.
    • They actually had some decent performers, although they were clearly under-rehearsed.
    • The programmes were under-rehearsed and, because the series took to the air with half of the episodes still unwritten, obviously rushed.
    • It is under-rehearsed and the performers are nervous.