Traducción de undersized en Español:


Pronunciación /ʌndəˈsʌɪzd//ˌəndərˈsaɪzd//ˈʌndəsʌɪzd/


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    más pequeño de lo normal
    • I am also told that many of the perch were undersized and released.
    • An undersized flue simply can't handle the volume of smoke produced, and some of it will spill back into the room.
    • They were kept inside a flimsy wire fence on an undersized dirt lot.
    • He is undersized, making him less than ideal as a blocker and tackler.
    • There in the corner of the room (or relegated to an unloved table just outside the door) you'll find a wobbly pile of undersize crockery and two silver flasks.
    • He plays the run well for an undersized lineman and is best at backside pursuit rather than trying to stop plays head-on.
    • All were forced to sit on undersized plastic chairs designed for primary school pupils.
    • Salmon varied in size from 4 to 11 lb and a number of sea trout were also caught with many undersize trout being returned.
    • I trudged up the walkway into the tiny undersized school that I had the misfortune to attend.
    • Over the years, these birds have learned to scavenge fish guts and undersized fish tossed back by fishing boats.
    • Did you buy any other undersized travel items for your week-long stay in London Village?
    • The skipper added that about 90% of the haddock catch had been undersize fish which were then thrown back dead into the sea, meaning that fewer fish were surviving long enough to breed.
    • He said one of the pots tampered with contained 40 undersized crayfish.
    • He's undersized, but because of the way he plays with leverage he's able to disengage from blocks and be a run stopper.
    • The unit is undersized, which means the tackles must play with flawless technique or risk being bludgeoned.
    • I complained as I turned the T.V. off and walked lazily into the undersized area called the kitchen.
    • He was an undersized senior with spiked auburn hair and russet eyes.
    • The bathroom has a stool, sink and undersized bathtub I scrounged that is perfectly sized for the shower.
    • A hyperactive, undersized boy, he loved playing football and joined a local junior team.
    • Knits are central to this look, either hugely textured, fine silk knit with muted multi-coloured stripes, or slightly undersize, a bit like your wee brother's school jumper.