Traducción de undertone en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈəndərˌtoʊn//ˈʌndətəʊn/


  • 1

    (low voice)
    to speak in undertones/in an undertone hablar en voz baja
  • 2

    trasfondo masculino
    there's an undertone of sadness in her work su obra tiene un trasfondo de tristeza
    • there was an undertone of resentment in her words había un trasfondo de resentimiento en lo que dijo
    • The strong undertone of moral earnestness, never preached, gives a stability and force to the vivid portraiture, and prevents the satiric touches from degenerating into mere malice.
    • Ali's arguments are tinged with nationalistic undertones.
    • His statement held undertones of sexual suggestion, just as he had intended, and had no note of insecurity or uncertainty.
    • There were distinct undertones of fear and uncertainty in her voice.
    • There are hints of political undertones throughout the film.
    • But the political undertones are less interesting than the cultural ones.
    • It's a movie with very strong spiritual undertones and overtones.
    • A lot of what he said to me had sexual undertones.
    • However much I tried to be funny and nice, I didn't try to hide the undertone of serious disappointment.
    • Instead of watching a comedy with sinister undertones, we're force-fed a melodrama with no tones at all.
    • Dark, creepy undertones swell within its electronic mixes and specifically highlight the 4th untitled track.
    • This show also had a lot of racist undertones and overtones.
    • There was an undertone of disapproval in his voice.
    • ‘Best if you overlook the name, mate,’ she suggested in a tone that was pleasant enough, yet held the tainted undertone of threat.
    • For all that written correspondence can manage, a subtle undertone and feeling is probably the hardest to achieve.
    • I'd said that once before, long ago, but that hadn't been tinted with the undertones I was feeling now.
    • What's elusive about their music is that the songs are written in an introspective manner and as such, the spiritual undertones are disguised as a reflective life ethic.
    • It has a few inspired moments and overall is a good, fun film with depressing undertones.
    • Not surprisingly, the disconcerting undertones of this film are downright troubling.
    • He didn't exactly looked panicked, but his voice was dark with rage and an undertone of fear.