Traducción de undivided en Español:


íntegro, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌndɪˈvʌɪdɪd//ˌəndəˈvaɪdəd/


  • 1

    he enjoyed the undivided loyalty of the whole cabinet contaba con el respaldo unánime del gabinete
    • you have my undivided attention tienes toda mi atención
    • This dough needs my full and undivided attention.
    • These are massive problems, to which the Transport Secretary should be devoting his undivided attention.
    • Damion still sat there giving her his complete and undivided attention.
    • Somehow he managed to field a team when the odds were stacked against him doing so, but his undivided loyalty ensured that he nearly always carried the day in that regard.
    • Once he has that they can expect his undivided attention.
    • She didn't like the undivided attention I concentrated on her.
    • She was literally demanding your complete, undivided attention.
    • A manager can devote more undivided attention to the co-op.
    • Spending quality time with children requires your full and undivided attention.
    • The plight of one character absorbs the undivided attention of the entire audience.
    • It was uncharted territory and required her full and undivided attention.
    • As I watched, this particular young boy completely captured my full, undivided attention.
    • This got my parent's complete and undivided attention.
    • Now I'm going to give him my full, undivided attention.
    • He certainly had my full and undivided attention.
    • She has my undivided attention as I absorb this new information.
    • For the full hour and a half, you are given the undivided attention of the beautician.
    • She entered my world to give me her full, undivided attention.
    • He demands and is worthy of my undivided affection.
    • We begin by wanting our parents' undivided love and hating those who we have to share it with.