Traducción de undrinkable en Español:


no potable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈdrɪŋkəb(ə)l//ʌnˈdrɪnkəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (poisonous) no potable
    (unpalatable) imbebible
    • In the Eighties, when wine drinkers were young and innocent, Britain's wine retailers and brewers were able to palm off a high percentage of this undrinkable rubbish.
    • Apparently the whole city's water supply is currently undrinkable, and they are having to use bottled water for everything.
    • It just makes that particular beer I cherished seem tepid, stagnant and undrinkable.
    • Wells went dry and the water that could be got at was undrinkable - scientifically proven by the district medical officer.
    • The result won't be undrinkable, but it won't be very memorable.
    • Home winemaking still suffers something of an image problem, with those jokes about Aunt Enid's undrinkable nettle wine.
    • The odd pub sells mulled wine on tap, but generally it's expensive and of such poor quality that it's pretty well undrinkable.
    • I remembered it wasn't that good but actually I was wrong - it's almost undrinkable.
    • ‘If water remains undrinkable, diseases will continue and mortality rates will rise,’ said the Iraqi trade minister.
    • However, the view from my desk is virtually non-existent, my email inbox didn't transfer properly, the tea in the drinks machine is completely undrinkable and the journey home was hellish.
    • He inherited a vineyard east of Naples from a friend who was murdered in Paris, but the wine was undrinkable.
    • He did buy one small mug of tea for 98 pence which was undrinkable.
    • There was not one undrinkable or corked bottle in the 60 I tasted.
    • In the most extreme cases it renders a wine undrinkable (though not physically dangerous); in others it just flattens its aromas and flavours.
    • Until then, Australian wine will have a bitterness that makes it undrinkable.
    • Sadly, however, the table service is sloppy and the Guinness is undrinkable.
    • European visitors to the site on the Wells Estate are often dismayed to find a landmark where undrinkable water leaks from crumbling walls.
    • Australian wine under £5 is all but undrinkable.
    • On a recent visit to a motorway service station, we paid 15 quid for three rotten sandwiches and undrinkable tea.
    • The wine list was extensive and not cheap, but if I have one whinge it is that the wine-by-the-glass was undrinkable.