Traducción de unearned income en Español:

unearned income

rendimientos del capital, n.


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    rendimientos del capital masculino
    • In most cases, renting out flats is considered unearned income and is therefore exempt.
    • Similarly, imposing a Social Security tax on the unearned income of wealthy investors would suffice.
    • ‘Many still believe that rent is effectively unearned income, but many of our members have large portfolios,’ he said.
    • He had much success in this office: in 1907 he introduced a new system of income tax rates which discriminated between earned and unearned income.
    • We're just proposing that such unearned income be subjected fairly to taxes, like all other income in our society is.
    • Withholding can be avoided for students who can be claimed as dependents if unearned income is $250 or less and total income doesn't exceed $4,750.
    • Money from letting is classed as unearned income and, in some cases, people could be taxed at 40 per cent.
    • George concedes that it may be possible to identify other elements of unearned income, but he insists that, even if this is so, the increment of land value remains a unique phenomenon.
    • Interest represents the working person's tribute to the power of money, and gives rise to levels of unearned income far in excess of that suggested by its magnitude.
    • We want at least as much of your unearned income as you take of our earned income.
    • Perhaps Congress should consider a tax rate for unearned income.
    • ‘The rental income is treated as unearned income, so tax could be payable by the person who receives the rental income,’ says Alexander.
    • As the dividend is unearned income of the recipient, it does not qualify for pension contributions.
    • The order of set off is firstly against earned income (income from a trade, profession or employment), then against unearned income (income from investments and property).
    • All my retired clients, or my clients who are dependent upon unearned income, are very concerned because their accounts are their sole source of revenue.
    • Taxing unearned income doesn't create a drag on the economy, because it doesn't discourage work.
    • On top of this, another 30 per cent currently pay income tax from unearned income - on income from pensions and savings.
    • From now on you need to approach earned income as you do unearned income.
    • No one would enjoy the benefits of unearned income from land.
    • In addition, big medical bills can deplete a family's savings, lowering its unearned income in later years.