Traducción de unending en Español:


interminable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈɛndɪŋ//ʌnˈɛndɪŋ/


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    sin fin
    • I managed to blast my way through the unending hordes of troops and into a desert canyon full of skeletons.
    • That can only lead us into unending chaos and horror.
    • Keeping them in their place means perpetuating the unending cycle of their oppression.
    • The Grudge continues a seemingly unending tradition of making horror movies without the horror.
    • The criticism and threats, even on her life, seem unending.
    • But his energy, they say, serves as a catalyst for an unending supply of ideas.
    • All around were people having relaxed, unending fun.
    • AJ fell asleep slowly, her head still full of the unending circle of thoughts.
    • Rings are exchanged as ‘a symbol of unending love and faithfulness’.
    • He had handled it admirably for many years but by the time I knew him it had become a source of unending anger and resentment.
    • What thrills them is the vast unending future full of unwon matches and unclaimed trophies.
    • I greatly admire his unending curiosity and his very acute mind.
    • Rain had been falling for hours, never relenting from its seemingly unending source that refused to vanquish.
    • She looked around her at the vast expanse of the unbroken plain of unending white tiles and sighed.
    • You know, when you love people like that, it's universal, it's infinite, it's unending.
    • The immense grief his family is suffering has been compounded by the unending repetition of false claims about him on the internet.
    • Nothing could come between us and unending happiness.
    • And it's seemingly unending, like the infinitely repeated punishments of hell.
    • Men can not grasp the concept of an eternal and unending universe, for our lives are not unending.
    • Police corruption is an unending scandal here in Australia.