Traducción de unexplained en Español:


Pronunciación /ʌnɛkˈspleɪnd//ʌnɪkˈspleɪnd//ˌənəkˈspleɪnd/


  • 1

    his disappearance remains unexplained su desaparición sigue siendo un misterio
    • her motives are still unexplained sus motivos siguen siendo un misterio
    • your unexplained late arrivals cannot go on no puede seguir llegando tarde sin dar explicaciones
    • he died of an unexplained illness murió de una enfermedad desconocida
    • The addition of two sailors remains unexplained, that it is not at all clear how exactly they became a part of this expedition.
    • As he searches for something to explain his misunderstanding that the US ruling class is now, for some unexplained reason, acting against its own interests he comes up with this.
    • On national television the woman who herself raised the specter of McCarthyism with her unexplained remarks insinuated I was engaging in the same tactic.
    • But in this novel, more so than his other recent stories, there were some clearly unsettling parts of the story which remained unexplained.
    • But if that's the case, they can't reasonably expect the president to walk around with a rectangular bulge on his back and to keep it an unexplained secret forever.
    • What exactly he means by methodological individualism here is unclear and is left unexplained.
    • For some unexplained reason she went forward and crashed into the front windows.
    • The family was critical of the DPP's unexplained decision to send Mr Williams straight to trial, depriving him of the chance to test the evidence against him at a preliminary hearing.
    • However, for reasons unexplained by the film, he channels these qualities into avoiding adult responsibilities such as work and domineering his younger brother, Robby.
    • Some things became clear, some became more unexplained.
    • For reasons still unexplained by administration, the mayor or council, this year's budget earmarked only $5,000 for recycling.
    • Glen uses this unexplained and unjustified - he just didn't have the space - idea to tell a story about a candy that is no longer available on the Canadian market.
    • He lives in the grounds of Hogwarts, having been expelled for some unexplained reason (probably because he's not that bright), and is very fond of dragons.
    • I heard some of the news reports saying that, for some unexplained reason, the plane landed at Dulles first and then went to Richmond.
    • Gilligan himself typed up notes of what was said on his personal organiser, but quite when he did this, why there are two versions of it, and what happened to his written account, remain unexplained.