Traducción de unexploited en Español:


sin explotar, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnɪkˈsplɔɪtɪd//ˌənəkˈsplɔɪdəd//ʌnɛkˈsplɔɪtɪd/


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    sin explotar
    • The natural resource has remained relatively untouched, unexploited.
    • Western Province is one of the regions in Zambia that has potential for economic development because of the array of unexploited natural resources.
    • In fact, by 1990 unexploited reserves amounted to 900 billion barrels - not counting the tar shales.
    • Natural resources that are currently exploited are a joint competence with joint revenues; unexploited / new natural resources belong to the regions.
    • When combined with the as yet unexploited deposits in the Arkhangel region still further west, Russia's reserves are said to be the biggest in the world.
    • It has reported huge unexploited oil and gas resources, but today agriculture is the backbone of the country's economy with coffee, rice and maize the main commodities.
    • The Edinburgh company would prospect for oil and gas off the coast of Cameroon in west Africa, a promising but largely unexploited region.
    • It was the abundant land and the unexploited natural resources of the New World that attracted most of the capital.
    • Exploratory fishing has located unexploited resources of demersal fish in Yemeni waters, including crimson snapper which is understood to have been well received in European markets.
    • They found a muddy, uninhabited estuary surrounded by jungle, rather than the promised thriving metropolis inhabited by English-speaking, docile natives sitting on unexploited natural resources.
    • He also urged people to remember that the country was very rich as it was endowed with enormous natural resources which remained unexploited.
    • Iraq's large oil endowment will largely remain unexploited until a stable political environment is established in the country.
    • America will need new, relatively unexploited sources of oil that can be accessed without having to deal with political obstacles.
    • Should resources be exploited in the present to ensure maximum economic growth, or should they be left unexploited for future generations, even at the expense of present economic growth?
    • Hence the realm they dominate, one of the largest uniform habitats on the planet, remains unexploited and largely unexplored.
    • In the near term, though, less ice means commercial fishing fleets and the oil, gas, and mining industries can access a bounty of unexploited resources, environmentalists say.
    • Other mineral resources include wolframite, gold and unexploited natural gas reserves.
    • Locally in South Africa it could be applied to compete in the global refining market, and it could provide the technology for realising value from currently unexploited zinc deposits.
    • For many years, Africa, especially the hinterland, remained unknown, unexplored and unexploited.
    • But even with such a high success rate, much of the state remains unexplored for gems, and most of the gemstone occurrences that have been located remain unexploited and unevaluated.