Traducción de unfaithful en Español:


infiel, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈfeɪθfəl//ʌnˈfeɪθf(ə)l//ʌnˈfeɪθfʊl/


  • 1

    (lover/husband/wife) infiel
    (follower) desleal
    to be unfaithful to sb serle infiel/desleal a algn
    • ‘What is most important is that the unfaithful partner address why he or she had the affair,’ says Spring.
    • We have to train our law enforcement to understand those differences and to appreciate that someone that may not speak U.S. English the way that we do is not necessarily unfaithful to our constitution.
    • Do you believe that your husband has been unfaithful to you at any time during your relationship?
    • There is no doubt that having an unfaithful partner is enormously painful.
    • I couldn't be unfaithful to this chair, not even with the armchairs in my apartment.
    • Every day our nation was segregated was a day that America was unfaithful to our founding ideals.
    • The vast majority regretted being unfaithful, but 24% insisted they didn't feel guilty.
    • And in reaching this conclusion Justice Scalia is, in my view, unfaithful to his own proclaimed methodology.
    • Seeing that he has said nothing about being honest or faithful, Elliot becomes a Cuban drug lord with an unfaithful wife.
    • She's also the only proper grown-up on the show, trying to keep her family together as she deals with an unfaithful husband and a delinquent son.
    • The drama queen in us all would love to see him tell his unfaithful partners to stick it, for greatest effect on the morning of their biggest match this season.
    • Unlike cruder critics who rave about violence and other social consequences outside the magic circle of the artifact, Williams the aesthete finds the film unfaithful to the pure terms of art.
    • But if it moves beyond that we consider a partner unfaithful.
    • I must not use it to put curses on unfaithful husbands, or make a married man fall in love with someone.
    • ‘Yeah, they are’ she said, but her smile was clearly strained and unfaithful to what she was feeling.
    • After all, I'm hard-pressed to think of a single heterosexual marriage I admire in which at least one partner wasn't unfaithful over the years.
    • When I explained to the author why her letter wasn't printed, she proceeded to deem me undemocratic, unfaithful to the true representation of her group, and immoral.
    • One can be physically promiscuous without being emotionally unfaithful, flighty, or inconstant.
    • In 35 years she has survived a suicide attempt, racism, an abusive father, a stalker, two unfaithful husbands and a series of disastrous relationships.
    • Even among those who are more sophisticated in their understanding of the term, there is still a suspicion that if we aren't careful, we'll sell out and conform to whatever postmodern is, and thus prove unfaithful to the gospel.
    • I was very unhappy with the unfaithful husband.
    • 25% of males and 17% of females would cheat if their partner was unfaithful.
    • If his partner was unfaithful, wouldn't he mind?
    • Another negative aspect of this card is that it can represent intense temptation and warns of being unfaithful to your own morals.
    • I ask you, and I ask them, how can a woman who is faithful to her husband say she has brought it upon herself when she has an unfaithful partner?
    • The jury at Sheffield Crown Court heard Yarrow had also been convinced a previous girlfriend was unfaithful and had gone to extraordinary lengths to prove it.
    • Generally people who think for themselves, instead of thinking according to the rules laid down by others, are considered unfaithful to the established order.
    • So we're still together, although he's started to be unfaithful to me by starring in other movies.
    • Should I lie to my friend about his unfaithful partner?
    • Husbands who kill their unfaithful wives out of sexual jealousy will face tougher sentences under new guidelines sent to judges yesterday.
    • Just as the flies are unfaithful partners, some flowers are dishonest about signaling a nectar reward.
    • If you don't write for a few days, you are unfaithful to the readers who come to visit.