Traducción de unfeigned en Español:


genuino, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈfeɪnd//ʌnˈfeɪnd/


  • 1

    • It is executed and performed with unspoiled and unfeigned good humor by everyone involved, which makes it a surprising, but most welcome winner.
    • Frye's essay was enormously influential in all but one respect: his unfeigned affection for the poets in question was not contagious.
    • There had been no formal rehearsals; the emotion had to come out raw and unfeigned; they owed this to the real people whose real stories they were reading.
    • Here, some sparse wall decorations - a row of fezzes, an evil eye, a painted plate - and the unfeigned warmth of the waitress signal that you have stumbled upon a Turkish zone.
    • His interactions with Bujold, and with his character's daughters (one of which, as noted earlier, is indeed his own), resonate with unfeigned affection.
    • What is most attractive about Elie's book is its earnest and unfeigned passion for such a worthy but unfashionable subject.
    • Though she had felt unfeigned at the time, the word had dug itself into her subconscious and remained there until it could reveal itself when she was alone.
    • It is a tribute to those skills that his ovation was unfeigned.
    • ‘You reasoned it out beautifully,’ I exclaimed, in unfeigned admiration.
    • The only people who listen to him with unfeigned respect are sommeliers.
    • His work is unfeigned and natural, and he shows a poise that should allow him to make the difficult transition through puberty that kills so many promising young careers.
    • She has a long speech at the end of the movie, which could have gone very wrong, but she simply delivers it with unfeigned naive honesty.
    • This fine ballad on the solitude of a star who moves from town to town was made for a singer whose vulnerability was again, unfeigned.
    • I would be irresponsible to criticise all newspapers for the actions of a minority when the majority are unfeigned and responsible.
    • These two develop the degree of intense chemistry that only mature actors can muster (and which might make some less experienced performers uncomfortable); their interaction feels entirely unfeigned.
    • ‘Well, my lord, unfortunately not,’ he said with unfeigned sadness.
    • As she leans with sinuous insouciance against Billy's flank, her unfeigned ease fills the image with sexual heat.
    • He spoke musingly, his anger supplanted for the moment by unfeigned pleasure.
    • All eyes immediately lighted with unfeigned interest.
    • Evelyn's grief at his son's death was massive and unfeigned, and was perhaps that of a man whose love was most alive when it had lost its object.