Traducción de unfermented en Español:


no fermentado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌʌnfəˈmɛntɪd//ˌənfərˈmɛn(t)əd//ˌʌnˈfəːmɛntɪd/


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    no fermentado
    sin fermentar
    • They differ in the fermentation process: Oolong is partially fermented, black tea is fully fermented, and green tea is unfermented.
    • The same compounds were found also in fresh, unfermented cocoa beans.
    • Sugar syrups, made by boiling down must (fresh unfermented grape juice), were an important ingredient in Roman food.
    • Often the unfermented sweet grapes will be added to the wine, and sometimes the grape juice will be cooked down into a sweetened paste, which can be added to the wine to intensify it.
    • Also, if the rain washes the liquor or compost off the fields into the waterways, it won't deplete oxygen the way fresh unfermented manure does.
    • This allowed airborne yeasts to settle on the unfermented beer and begin doing their business at the top of whatever container happened to be holding the liquid.
    • Yeast cannot survive in higher alcohol levels, so the fermentation stops and all the unfermented sugar is left in the wine.
    • Cider in the US is defined as unfermented, unfiltered apple juice.
    • As the Romans made their way north, grape growing spread across Europe, and by 300 A.D., the use of fermented and unfermented juice in recipes was a common practice.
    • Probiotic bacteria in fermented and unfermented dairy products can improve lactose digestion and squelch symptoms of intolerance.
    • There are biblical revisionists, of course, who would have us believe God was talking about unfermented grape juice instead of proper hooch, despite caves full of biblical documents to the contrary.
    • Green tea, which is unfermented, and oolong, which is partially fermented, are popular in Asia, while in the West, fermented black tea - often taken with milk - is generally preferred.
    • Was the wine in the wedding miracle of Jesus (in the Bible) fermented wine or unfermented grape juice?
    • Aging, curing, and fermenting enhance umami, so that aged cheeses and fermented soy and fish sauces, for example, contain more glutamate than fresh cheeses or unfermented soy.
    • His recipes are crammed with the worst forms of unfermented industrial soy, like soy protein powders and meat substitutes.
    • This is a mistelle, a sort of wine made from unfermented grape juice and cognac.
    • From experience, many Orientals consider fermented soybeans more palatable and digestible than unfermented ones.
    • This is achieved by carefully controlling the nutrient levels in the unfermented beverage so that the small amount of added yeast only achieves one or two cell division cycles before exhausting certain key nutrients required for growth.
    • The term barrel-fermented means that the unfermented juice went into barrels (almost always oak) and changed into wine there.
    • Both sipped unfermented grape juice as they talked.