Traducción de unforeseeable en Español:


imprevisible, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnfɔːˈsiːəb(ə)l//ˌənfɔrˈsiəb(ə)l/


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    • He confesses he writes prose poems in order to get away from himself, ‘to embark on an adventure of unforeseeable consequences’.
    • Just as we do not downgrade an action because it has unforeseeable bad consequences, so we do not downgrade a belief because it is based on something that the believer had no reason to question.
    • What effects it may have on mainstream media is at the moment unforeseeable.
    • She expressed concern, however, that circumstances may change at some time in the unforeseeable future.
    • This will include the sale of thousands of public dwellings, with unforeseeable consequences for tenants.
    • So, barring a major surprise like another terrorist attack or some unforeseeable setback in Iraq, the President's numbers will probably move up again soon.
    • They know there will be unforeseen and unforeseeable consequences to occupying Iraq, and they know that the rest of the world will disagree.
    • How much money has been poured into Iraq to date and will continue to be spent in the unforeseeable future and could this money have been better spent on front line services or pensions?
    • Of course, whether there will be high points or not in the future depends on unforeseeable external developments.
    • To what extent should you bear responsibility for the unintended, unforeseeable consequences of your actions?
    • The only possible threats that can emerge are anonymous forces that are absolutely unforeseeable and incalculable.
    • The purchaser has accepted the risk of any deviation attributable to factors which were unforeseeable, unknown or incalculable at the time of the forecast.
    • Whoever seeks to export such a system has to be aware of the unforeseeable consequences this model can have in an unknown environment.
    • After gathering their belongings, they went out of the room and exited from the back door into their unforeseeable future.
    • ‘During a year which has thrown unforeseeable difficulties in the way of all tourism businesses, the city has fought back against amazing odds,’ she added.
    • In such systems, practically undetectable events may spiral into vast and unforeseeable consequences.
    • We need keen intellects and educated minds to weigh decisions that could mean life or death to millions and dictate the unforeseeable future.
    • Working parts permitting communication would over time have undergone an unforeseeable decomposition, thus endangering the future of the capsule itself.
    • Such interference might produce unforeseeable and harmful consequences on brain development or other aspects of the body's growth.
    • Exactly where the repercussions from that impact will take us is unforeseeable but the general direction is predictable.