Traducción de unforthcoming en Español:


poco comunicativo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənfɔrθˈkəmɪŋ//ʌnfɔːθˈkʌmɪŋ/


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    poco comunicativo
    when asked about his plans, he was very unforthcoming se mostró muy reticente cuando le preguntaron acerca de sus planes
    • They were similarly unforthcoming when asked for specifics about the number of jobs that the company plans to cut.
    • He is friendly but mostly unforthcoming when the conversation comes around to his marketing tricks and strategies.
    • It was not that they were too conceited or unforthcoming to open themselves up to external aid.
    • Brian strikes me as actually quite a glum and unforthcoming figure.
    • Celtic's plc board - equally unforthcoming - is believed to have already decided Dalglish will not be given the job.
    • Even by the standards of the average private company, it is intensely secretive about its development and expansion plans, and is unforthcoming on the number of stores it intends to open.
    • The company that manufactures them has been extremely uncooperative and unforthcoming with information.
    • He has been unforthcoming, even to members of his own band, about where he currently hangs his hat.
    • After another unconvincing display during his reign as caretaker manager - the club has won only five of his 10 league games in charge - he was typically unforthcoming.
    • Trinity College were unforthcoming, preferring not to hold a public debate on such sensitive matters.
    • Which perhaps explains why Cusack is so criminally unforthcoming off-screen.
    • The Chinese there have also been very, very unforthcoming with the media and yet, reporters have been able to slip into these areas, aid agencies have been able to slip into these areas.
    • They've done nothing to harm us yet, but they've been stubbornly unforthcoming as to what this is all about.
    • Shares continued to tumble as the company was unforthcoming as to the date of the meeting.
    • When my dad, who is not exactly unforthcoming with his opinions on politics, came over last year, we were besieged with people shaking their heads and apologising for their president.
    • The sultan's response was polite but unforthcoming: ‘The matter has been resolved amicably and I do not think it would serve any purpose to revive it.’
    • Intensely guarded about details of her private life, she has a tendency to be equally unforthcoming about her career - sitting there, icy and inscrutable, her perfect, heart-shaped face closed to the world.
    • Although his character is shy and unforthcoming, Power has a tremendous presence on stage.
    • Firstly, Carroll is an unreliable waste-of-space who never turns up for things, is always surrounded by mates, and only engages in banter or is monosyllabic and unforthcoming in his one-to-ones with Allen.
    • We were surprised, however, not only by how unforthcoming the Bank was, but also how unprofessional its Washington leadership was and has been throughout this endeavor.
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    poco dispuesto a ayudar