Traducción de unhygienic en Español:


antihigiénico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənhaɪˈdʒinɪk//ˌənhaɪˈdʒɛnɪk//ʌnhʌɪˈdʒiːnɪk/


  • 1

    • Five food stores in Tooting have been temporarily closed down in the last two months for being dirty, unhygienic and riddled with vermin.
    • Poor environmental sanitation and unhygienic personal habits appear to predispose them to the risk of infections.
    • More than half the eating places visited by Oldham council officials in the last three months were dirty and unhygienic and had to be served with enforcement notices.
    • I do not understand why the municipal public health and hygiene authorities are not able to tighten their control over unhygienic establishments.
    • Perhaps this is the reason why it remains uncared for, unsightly, filthy and unhygienic.
    • At some schools, parents formed working bees on weekends to clean unhygienic toilet blocks.
    • Well, 99% of this street food is made and served in the most unhygienic and filthy conditions.
    • Unclean bottles or those washed with water stored in unhygienic conditions can cause diarrhoea in infants.
    • As the Evening Press Easter investigation had found, many were dirty and unhygienic - hardly creating the best impression.
    • The conditions are so unhygienic and ugly-the rooms are not even sanitized, cleaned, or air-conditioned.
    • The unhygienic practice of open defecation leads to contamination of water sources and high incidence of disease.
    • For example, why should our cities and villages be so unclean and unhygienic?
    • What food is available is frequently contaminated because of pollution and unhygienic conditions.
    • Would we stop buying and become filthy / unhygienic cretins?
    • But urgent refurbishments on things such as faulty lifts, damaged fire alarms, unhygienic kitchens and poor sanitation were also needed.
    • This is not only unhygienic but also adds to the environment pollution.
    • The toilet facilities in most grounds are a disgrace - they're unhealthy, unhygienic and should be levelled and rebuilt.
    • They are unsightly, unhygienic, and at times unsafe.
    • There are gaps between the new and the old tiles that will be difficult to clean and therefore unhygienic.
    • Why did it have to be the audit commission that lambasted hospitals for being filthy and unhygienic?