Traducción de unicellular en Español:


unicelular, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌjuːnɪˈsɛljʊlə//ˌjunəˈsɛljələr/


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    • Although the evolution of well-mixed, unicellular microorganisms has been studied extensively, the evolution of filamentous microorganisms has not.
    • As compared to metazoans, the development of these unicellular organisms is likely less affected by dissociated heterochrony, which is considered a common phenomenon in metazoans.
    • However, the evolutionary distance between unicellular organisms and higher plants might be a serious setback when trying to obtain high expression, at the right time and cellular localization, of foreign genes in plants.
    • An interesting variant of normal photosynthesis is the simultaneous photoevolution of molecular hydrogen and oxygen by certain unicellular algae and in vitro cell-free preparations.
    • In the heliocentric perspective, our dear earth is a mere speck in this expanding infinite space where a very tenacious life came into existence in its oceans about two and half billion years ago in a unicellular body - the Amoeba.