Traducción de unimpressed en Español:


Pronunciación /ʌnɪmˈprɛst//ˌənəmˈprɛst/


  • 1

    what do you think of his performance? — I'm unimpressed ¿qué te parece su actuación? — nada del otro mundo
    • I was unimpressed by her explanation su explicación me resultó muy poco convincente
    • customers will be unimpressed by this esto no les va a causar buena impresión a los clientes
    • She looked decidedly unimpressed with the boys' antics, or her hiccups, or something.
    • Of course, as he tells his story, what emerges is his fundamental decency, and Old Nick remains unimpressed.
    • Hong Kong's recycling industry is unimpressed with the pilot schemes so far.
    • When they awoke their stinking hangovers were not helped by being hauled up in front of a distinctly unimpressed female judge.
    • I had a sausage roll for breakfast, and was severely unimpressed with myself.
    • One woman with fiery red hair and seemingly a temper to match seemed unimpressed with Sparrow's act.
    • I'm sure Marie-Claire won't mind me admitting that I was a little unimpressed by the first class or two.
    • As a veteran sari-wearer, she has seen most styles and patterns and is unimpressed with the show.
    • The people in the country are generally unimpressed by the arguments for war and as unimpressed with the arguments for peace.
    • He has a detailed discussion of the provisions of several laws and is unimpressed.
    • The horse Winston was singularly unimpressed by any of these aspects; in fact, he looked extremely sulky.
    • Like so many people we believed the spiel about Hardy's Bay and were really unimpressed when we arrived!
    • You are also unconventional, irreverent, and unimpressed by authority and rules.
    • Lyon was unimpressed by the results of that project because its beautiful maps had no apparent utility.
    • I rewound a film that had been in my camera since last year and took it to be developed and was singularly unimpressed with the results.
    • However, industry observers were unimpressed, and it has failed to lift the share price.
    • Many remain unimpressed, still waiting for a new top-down ideology to chart the course.
    • After all, the last time our Richard tried for the franchise, the powers-that-be were unimpressed.
    • Fortunately, he says, they were unimpressed by his superstar status.
    • It was once regarded with suspicion by employers, who were unimpressed by the notion of students lazing around for months.