Traducción de uninformative en Español:


poco informativo, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnɪnˈfɔːmətɪv//ˌənɪnˈfɔrmədɪv/


  • 1

    (statement/report) poco informativo
    he was very uninformative aportó muy poca información
    • We excluded studies closing early due to poor recruitment as uninformative for our purposes but included studies closing early for other reasons (for example, interim results).
    • The latest, about twenty-somethings in the 70s and now, is just as uninformative and nebulous as every other piece of generation-related newsprint spewed out since the dawn of time.
    • For many years, I mistakenly believed that the reason political interviews were such a pointless, uninformative exercise was that interviewers were not asking the right questions.
    • Perhaps unsurprisingly, presidential memoirs are usually dull, uninformative and embarrassingly self-congratulatory.
    • After his uninformative briefing, we wrote to Mr. Clarke asking for written answers to specific questions: Why was there no threat assessment?
    • I possess one civil but entirely uninformative letter from him.
    • Their website is almost completely uninformative as it relates entirely to the technical aspects of their work and the history of those technical aspects.
    • With only one day to go before the New Zealand election, things have turned decidedly weird in a campaign that could best be described as nasty, uninspiring, and completely uninformative.
    • The Q & A attached to the announcement is far too tedious and uninformative to bother you with, but you'll be pleased to know that the name change won't cause slippage.
    • In the phylogenetic analysis, 42 sites were parsimony informative, 47 were uninformative and 380 were constant.
    • It should be noted that informative and uninformative cueing does not simply correspond to central and peripheral cueing.
    • Many proposed studies have inadequate designs that might lead to an invalid or uninformative answer to an otherwise useful question, but ethics committees can also create hazards to scientific validity.
    • I don't wish for much, and expect less, but as a journalist the most difficult chore in the year is to have to listen to countless colourless and uninformative speeches.
    • The quantities measured and calculated all span a wide range of values, with strongly skewed frequency distributions, and linear scatter diagrams of pairs of variables are quite uninformative.
    • It strikes me as almost completely uninformative.
    • There's something about that feels uninformative.
    • However, we wished to exclude other information from these analyses and so selected uninformative prior distributions that would not contribute to the posterior distributions.
    • Well, in my case I have been using the word ‘spectacle’ to mean the sensationalist or, more precisely, uninformative aspect of a visual image.
    • Studio interviews are fatuous and location shots and features are so uninformative that they have to be spiced up with distorted camera angles and background music.
    • Their record sleeves and videos are cryptic, self-mythologising, deliberately uninformative.