Traducción de uninformed en Español:


sin fundamento, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənənˈfɔrmd//ʌnɪnˈfɔːmd/


  • 1

    (opinion/guess) sin fundamento
    an uninformed layman un profano en la materia
    • an uninformed reader might think that … un lector que no tuviera conocimientos del tema podría pensar que …
    • for a diplomat he seems to be very uninformed para ser diplomático no parece estar muy al tanto / al corriente de las cosas
    • uninformed about sth
    • we were kept uninformed about the situation no se nos puso al tanto / al corriente de la situación
    • she was uninformed about what was going on in the country no estaba al tanto / al corriente de lo que estaba pasando en el país
    • It is this narrow mindset that causes such confusion in the uninformed.
    • However, I find that most people are woefully uninformed, lay, clergy, and religious alike.
    • As far as the situation of the building process is concerned, much hot air from uninformed opinion has been generated.
    • You might view this book as the ultimate concession of the world of science to the uninformed needs of the popular mind.
    • We have to be very careful that this isn't a licence for uninformed private criticisms.
    • This inverts the philosophy of education: the imparting of knowledge by the informed to the uninformed.
    • Some beetled about placing and replacing cones to some intricate masterplan that escaped the uninformed eye.
    • The actual distinction isn't so much between informed versus uninformed as between in denial and not in denial.
    • They are also uninformed about the fact that they can be cured by a simple surgical procedure.
    • I think that perhaps my understanding of what a good camera looks like is deftly uninformed.
    • From the latest jokes to discussions on the hot issues of the day, they rarely arrive uninformed or without a strong opinion.
    • This results in understandable apprehension from the uninformed masses.
    • Unfortunately we seem to be a constant target for his uninformed attacks.
    • His domestic policy is unjust, inhumane, fiscally irresponsible, and amazingly uninformed.
    • The referee inquired of the uninformed DJ how many players had turned up.
    • It seemed like everyone wanted to give you their opinions, no matter how half-baked and uninformed.
    • That's a lot of people uninformed that their friend is on the train.
    • Both groups are forced to suffer the prejudices that have been fuelled by the tabloids and absorbed by an uninformed public.
    • If anyone is loopy it is your stupid, uninformed, ignorant London correspondent.
    • He called my opinions ignorant and uninformed.