Traducción de uninterrupted en Español:


ininterrumpido, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˌɪn(t)əˈrəptəd//ˌʌnɪntəˈrʌptɪd/


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    sin interrupción
    • Some continental European countries have uninterrupted programs with the ads solely playing in between programs.
    • This has continued uninterrupted since the beginning of recorded history.
    • The survival of the Japanese economy depends on continued free and uninterrupted access through the region's trade lanes.
    • The sauce gushed forth in a forceful, uninterrupted flow.
    • Even as it's burning one CD, it can be creating the next so that burning can continue uninterrupted.
    • The coronation festivities continued uninterrupted for three days.
    • People want convenience in a bag and the industry wants the flow of billions to continue uninterrupted.
    • For all eventualities, an uninterrupted power supply provides continuous electricity.
    • Turning right into Easby Drive is safe and the main road wide enough to allow through traffic to flow into Ilkley uninterrupted.
    • The blockade was removed and operations continued uninterrupted.
    • The work was divided into five stages but the proposal envisaged continuous, uninterrupted progression of the project.
    • It was possible and I didn't think twice about it, continuing on in an uninterrupted flow.
    • The meeting continued, uninterrupted of course, with the help of the generator.
    • Prayers continued uninterrupted, as did the ceremony that followed.
    • Work on the underpass, which commenced the very next day, has continued uninterrupted.
    • Many fairs with ancient charters continue uninterrupted to the present time, often held in town centres.
    • The only way to ensure an uninterrupted flow of water from your tap is to continue to pay your bills.
    • Getting people in on time and on schedule is a key to ensuring the mission continues uninterrupted.
    • Every third move or so, a move is called in which the girl spins out of her partner's arms, into the arms of the next guy in the circle, and the dance continues uninterrupted.
    • The brutality of the senses continues uninterrupted.
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