Traducción de Union Flag en Español:

Union Flag

bandera del Reino Unido, n.


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    bandera del Reino Unido femenino
    • But men like Archie are shocked and angered when they hear that Glasgow City Council could soon be banning the sale of the Union flag, the Irish tricolour and the Ulster flag, sometimes known as the Red Hand flag.
    • SIR - I am disgusted to read in the Craven Herald that certain council officials are reluctant to fly the Union flag.
    • On Saturday, dressed in his red beret and trademark stick which he carried with him 60 years ago, Brigadier Hill was warmly welcomed by Prince Charles, who then pulled back a Union flag to unveil the statue.
    • Finally this week, the creamery completed the colours of the Union flag by being declared supreme champion at the Royal Welsh Show with its red Double Gloucester.
    • I am also certain they would find it equally bizarre that her request necessitated a debate by the town council and the trotting out of guidelines circulated by the government as to when the Union flag might be hoisted on public buildings.
    • It drew up before the churchyard steps and the coffin, draped in the Union flag and displaying Capt Guy's ceremonial sword, two medals, his cap and a wreath, was slowly carried into church.
    • Why also does Thornton think that only schools in Northern Ireland and Glasgow should be required to display the Union flag and begin the day with a declaration of loyalty to the Crown?
    • He said the annual £2,000 cost of flying the Union flag throughout the year alongside the borough flag was worth it to show the patriotism of the borough.
    • Take the general unwillingness to mark the Act of Union, and the fact that nothing has been done to commemorate the creation of the Union flag which came into being as a result of Ireland joining the Anglo-Scottish coalition.
    • Ah, but you might say, the Commonwealth Games offers that rare and valued chance for our sporting icons to represent Scotland, rather than the UK, and to march behind the Saltire rather than the Union flag.
    • But Miss Fitch, draped in a Union flag, was philosophical.
    • But this was not flag-flying as Europeans understand it, not even in time of emergency or war, like the Union flag during the Falklands conflict.
    • In being ‘jingoistic’, it took England long enough to work out that the Union flag and the St George's Cross are two separate things.
    • Miss Campbell said it was ‘just magic’ on Bank Holiday Monday when members of the Bluebird Team brought ashore the remains, in a container draped in a Union flag.
    • Natives of India, Pakistan and South Africa stood before a portrait of the Queen, a Union flag and the saltire in Glasgow's City Chambers, to pledge allegiance to their adopted home.
    • The coffin, draped in a Union flag with Mr Miller's medals and helmet, was mounted on a turn-table ladder fire engine as it led a slow procession through the city.
    • As I write these words, an inch above my monitor yet half a mile away, I can see the Union flag fluttering at what appears to be three-quarters-mast on the Senate House.
    • A Union flag flutters on the balcony of his grandparents' Bitterne home, next to a large yellow ribbon which shows their support for British troops in the Gulf.
    • Atop the church tower where the 29-year-old Royal Marine was married in November 2000, the Union flag was lowered to half mast.
    • Blackburn with Darwen Council flies the Union flag outside its town halls all year, except on St George's Day, when it is swapped for the English flag of St George.