Traducción de unliberated en Español:


no liberado, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈlɪbəreɪtɪd/


  • 1

    no liberado
    • It's enough to just think in a certain way, slap yourself on the back, and pity the uneducated, unliberated denizens of mainstream culture.
    • To all other extents I'm a modern, independent sort of gal… to take my husband's name seems so old-fashioned, so incredibly unliberated.
    • These unliberated tendencies irritate some feminists to the point of recklessness.
    • In other words, women get emancipated but remain unliberated.
    • In the end, though, Smith was beginning to realise the futility of trying to liberate a proletariat that seemed quite content to remain unliberated.
    • It was an image that appealed to both men and women in the unliberated days of the 1930s through the 1950s.
    • Some schools hold the view that liberated beings may voluntarily return to the physical universe in order to help those who are as yet unliberated.
    • Though she doesn't often admit it because it sounds so unliberated for a modern woman, finding a husband has always been foremost in her mind.
    • Please subdue your unliberated accomplice and bring him to the Correctional Facility for immediate Liberation at this time!
    • India Bridge is a decent woman, hopefully naïve, willfully unliberated, cursed with a brain she is afraid to use and time that she cannot manage to fill.
    • It is not about being prudish, or easily embarrassed, or unliberated.
    • In various passages from her autobiography, Hepburn, the daughter of a suffragist and birth-control crusader, sounds disconcertingly unliberated.
    • Although women have advanced, Wolf contends that, ‘in terms of how we feel about ourselves physically, we may actually be worse off than our unliberated grandmothers.’