Traducción de unlit en Español:


sin luz, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈlɪt//ˌənˈlɪt/


  • 1

    (road) sin luz
    (road) sin alumbrado
    (room) sin luz
    (room) sin iluminación
    (candle/lamp) apagado
    (candle/lamp) no encendido
    the room was unlit la habitación estaba a oscuras
    • In one you dunk the ball in a pit to coat it with tar, and then run it though a fire to set it ablaze, and then run it across an unlit fire to light it - the fire then melts a wall of ice allowing you to escape.
    • The dark hall that he was in was lined with old unlit torches and torn paintings; there was some light in the room at the end of the hallway and there sounded to be some sort of trouble there.
    • Chemi softly drummed her unlit pipe against her wrist, as if she were expressing a sort of forced happiness for the lemming's words.
    • Ryder pulled the unlit cigarette from behind his ear and lit it up again.
    • She was then grabbed from behind before being pushed into an unlit dark alleyway.
    • The candles on the walls in wonderfully wrought gold-and-silver holders were mostly unlit, and only a few flames necessary for light cast flickering shadows on the smooth walls.
    • Gas light was promptly restored after his father fell down the unlit stairs from his study to the ground floor.
    • His mouth was always gnawing a unlit corncob pipe except when words or beer flowed.
    • Iraq appeared a pretty dark, unlit corner last week.
    • Every time I visit a friend who works at a major newspaper, I'm amazed: Those places are like mushroom farms, they're so dark and unlit.
    • Lighting would also be added to unlit areas, as well as those covered by CCTV.
    • He pocketed the lighter and unlit cigarette, glancing over and seeing Masao and Akina.
    • he asked, his eyes hidden in the shadows of the unlit room.
    • She gave me an unlit cigarette, I lit it off of the car lighter.
    • His pipe rested unlit beside the tobacco in the familiar shell-cap.
    • He said a small spring similar to those found in disposable lighters and an unlit tea light candle had been found in the bedroom.
    • The sight of the average motorist must be fairly good as most of us are able to spot unlit cyclists wearing dark clothes at night.
    • I raced up to get Beth at a speed that probably wasn't safe on those dark, unlit country roads and up the dirt driveway at another, probably unsafe, 30 mph +.
    • Ben sat on the porch, fingers curled around his unlit pipe.
    • He lit his cigarette, then handed me the lighter, to light the unlit cigarette I had in my mouth for the last few minutes.
    • Even though the path was unlit and almost pitch dark, the stars guided their way.
    • Sitting behind a large wooden desk sat an old rather frumpy man in a well-worn smoking jacket, unlit pipe in one hand, staring intently at an open book in front of him.
    • Dark, unlit and with plenty of shadowy corners.
    • It is dark and unlit with several bends and there are no obstacles or barriers at the side of the road to help you if you get into difficulties.
    • He added that girls attending Guide, Brownie and Rainbow sessions were still reliant on parents and guardians for transport and none would be walking along the unlit road after dark.
    • I don't much like driving in the dark and unfamiliar unlit open road farmland is pretty intimidating.
    • The hallways were dark and unlit, the rooms unmanned and quiet.
    • Still, it was too damned bright and there were only so many books I wanted to read, and I despaired, till I noticed a door to an unlit staircase.
    • Jerin started the car and started home in the dark unlit street.
    • Meanwhile, all of Africa and large parts of Asia would lie dark and unlit as if during a wartime bombing raid, a fate that one or two places down there would actually be enduring.
    • And even now, in the dim lighting of her unlit house, Forest could see how much it was killing her to return home.
    • An unlit cigarette hangs from his mouth and the lighting is harsh.
    • Larl, familiar with the scenario, took the unlit torch and lit it on the other, so they could carry light with them.
    • She stared past Kevin, into the dark, unlit fireplace.
    • For example, the few photographs taken inside a dark doorway or unlit shrine exhibit dramatic shadows, but that was because Fagg did not use flashbulbs.
    • In the darkness, the other unlit buildings were mere shadows compared to the Fortress.
    • The fire place was large, black and though unlit, obviously used for its original purpose and not as a holder for some cheap dried flower arrangement.
    • The setting sun deepened the shadows in the doorways and made the unlit stairway as dark as the night.