Traducción de unlovely en Español:


feo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈləvli//ʌnˈlʌvli/


  • 1

    nada bonito
    • Joy Episalla takes photographs of things that are inconsequential, unlovely and just plain boring.
    • Perhaps it's the nature of his face - it's built to look older than it is, when it's really just odd - puckish, unlovely, something youth never really touched.
    • When all the politics is over, when the petty manoeuvring, the skin-saving, the back-protecting and the blame-shifting of this whole unlovely affair are put to one side, it is this that sticks most in the throat.
    • This is not a diversion; it's a desperate and unlovely attempt to save the reputation of the government from the charge that they concocted evidence to make the case for war, against the wishes of the intelligence community.
    • The African diaspora which had its beginning in the unlovely slave trade, has enriched American culture with fresh art energies which are now recognised as an inalienable part of American culture.
    • In this political season, where men on both sides of the Atlantic are frantically offering themselves up for public approval - a beauty contest for unlovely people - it seems right to ask: what makes a good politician?
    • Most of us got into the business so that we could hide in the kitchen because we had bad communication skills or unlovely personal habits or criminal records.
    • The next summer he told the Harvard Divinity School that ‘the priest's Sabbath has lost the splendor of nature; it is unlovely; we are glad when it is done.’
    • Tvnz marked the Royal tour with Charles and Camilla, a British news special which demonstrated that however many unlovely body parts we in the colonies thrust in his direction, the Prince of Wales gets much worse at home.
    • Being unlovely has been a deliberate strategy employed by all sides during the conflict, a way to terrorise and shock opponents and onlookers alike. There is the obviously appalling aspect of the troubles that left over 3000 people dead.
    • Twenty minutes in, I was so disorientated, I approached a pet stall and asked if I could take a photo of the unfamiliar creature for sale next to the monkeys - it was, in my defence, a particularly unlovely baby.
    • Looking through the list of changes, however, one cannot avoid the impression that what was presentational to one man was ‘sexing up’ to another - an unlovely phrase, I concede, but you know what is meant by it.
    • Of particular beauty here, of course, is the use of utterly inappropriate terms to maintain the rhyme, which saw ‘gloat’ used as a noun directly above this unlearned and unlovely deformed child of a verse.
    • Largely by sheer force of will, Strindberg transformed this unlovely hole into a vibrant modernist paradise, employing the then-obscure likes of Wyndham Lewis, Eric Gill and Jacob Epstein to achieve her novel visions.
    • In a neighbourhood filled with despots disguised as presidents and kings, the plight of the Palestinians was an ideal diversion from the failures that constitute Egypt, Syria and Iran, to name but three unlovely local regimes.
    • New vernacular (including everything we might call Low Road) is unlovely.
    • The 13 actors playing these unlovely animals, in the service of the Wicked Witch of the West, were promised $25 for each time they swooped down screaming from the sky on the heroine, Dorothy.
    • The EU is now on its month-long holiday, so the unlovely quartier européen is eerily quiet without the usual round of briefings, summits and French farmers demonstrating against subsidy cuts.
    • So the fact that his elegant four-storey Victorian terraced house is directly opposite a very unlovely old low-rise council estate in Stockwell, south London, might, you feel, cause him aesthetic pain.
    • No matter how middle-of-the-road the ballad, Keys will plaster it with showy arpeggios, rococo trills and glissandos, an approach that brings to mind the unlovely image of Dido jamming with Richard Clayderman.