Traducción de unmanageable en Español:


rebelde, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈmanɪdʒəb(ə)l//ˌənˈmænədʒəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (child/class/horse) rebelde
    (class/child/horse) difícil de controlar
    (hair) rebelde
    all this data would be unmanageable without a computer tantos datos no podrían manejarse sin una computadora
    • the stairs are becoming unmanageable for him le cuesta cada vez más subir las escaleras
    • But by then, of course, the problem would have become unmanageable.
    • In recent years Nimbin has gone from having four full-time doctors to just Dr Oxlee, who says his workload has become unmanageable.
    • But Zimbabwe's economic slide in recent years shows that he is finding both relationships increasingly unmanageable.
    • Step 1: Admit that your are powerless over your egos and past glories, that your lives have become unmanageable.
    • Knowing some of the local politics I am aware that trying to support six chief executives, all with different working styles, may be an unmanageable job.
    • Evidently, if the proposal is followed strictly, the resultant tariff structure will be inconsistent and unmanageable.
    • It has to be beautiful and slightly wild without becoming unmanageable and disorganised.
    • History teaches us that unless these pernicious tendencies are scotched, they grow to become unmanageable monsters later on.
    • Administering all ten techniques to control spam effectively can quickly become unmanageable.
    • Consumer groups and MPs have warned that people could be storing up problems for the future, with rising interest rates making debts unmanageable.
    • ‘The cases which are coming into court in almost unmanageable numbers are the tip of the iceberg,’ he said.
    • What you need are huge and unmanageable Visa and store charge card debts, with a few court proceedings and the odd repossession threat hanging over your head.
    • A further delay in the price hike would increase the budget deficit to an unmanageable level and strengthen inflationary pressures.
    • Caregivers identified lack of mobility and loss of bladder control most frequently as unmanageable symptoms.
    • Little showed admirable poise trying to manage the unmanageable Red Sox bullpen.
    • Two loads from the bucket will fill the tank, however two full loads make the bucket unmanageable to lift and control the pour efficiently causing splashing.
    • Owners of unruly hedges or unmanageable gardens need fear no more thanks to a pair of four-legged lawn mowers now available for hire.
    • I would say my life had become unmanageable, and I was having problems with both the medications and the alcohol.
    • When one of these moods overtook her, she became unmanageable.
    • Councillors were concerned that around 60 lorries per day and hundreds of cars will place an unmanageable strain on the town's roads.