Traducción de unmentionable en Español:


inmencionable, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈmɛnʃ(ə)nəb(ə)l//ˌənˈmɛn(t)ʃ(ə)nəb(ə)l/


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    (invariable adjective) tabú
    his name is unmentionable in some circles su nombre es tabú en ciertos círculos
    • Because the good doctor has dared to utter the unmentionable truth: That the United States simply cannot afford to continue its current policy of absolute, unqualified support of the state of Israel.
    • In The Consequences of Love, ‘Every man has an unmentionable secret,’ and none is more elusive than that of the international businessman.
    • It made you wonder if there was something smelly and not disclosed, or perhaps it was meeting the Ghost from Melbourne, or as one shareholder and Mr Clark both described it ‘another unmentionable company.’
    • As mortgage lenders last week upgraded their forecasts for house price inflation this year, commentators began whispering those two, until this moment, unmentionable words ‘hard landing’.
    • Plastic bags filled with unmentionable contents; old shoes; broken toys; twisted bits of wire and metal; old mattresses with their innards spilling out; all lie tangled in a sludge of human waste.
    • Some historians studying the brutal battles for the Mediterranean have ended by asking an almost unmentionable question, which Woodall's plain account does not address: should Malta have been held at all, against such odds?
    • ‘The unmentionable odour of death,’ he wrote, ‘offends the September night.’
    • There was a flicker of interest in Latham in the opening moments of the not-very-great debate - when he tackled the other unmentionable issues, Iran and the war against terror.
    • With some trepidation that I might hear those two unmentionable words… ‘Tim Henman’, I asked Lewis's mother who was his tennis-playing idol.
    • On this view beauty - to the extent that beauty, along with truth, has not been ejected into the dustbin of unmentionable ideas - really is in the eye of the beholder and nowhere else.
    • So the other day when I was struck with this unmentionable ailment and spent the evening in bed crying out with pain… I sort of decided that was it.
    • Today as I wandered down, crunching on broken glass and avoiding unmentionable messes, I saw the corner of a bed in the corner of a window in the corner of an apartment.
    • Confirmed believers aside, isn't the price we demand for our conviction a perpetual insulation against the unmentionable fear and unimaginable pain that come with premature loss of our loved ones?
    • Bryan and I have been talking about baby timing for a while now, and my biggest concern - aside from the possibility of ending up with stitches in unmentionable places - was that we be completely settled somewhere first.
    • Until recently, however, it has been an unmentionable industry, rarely spoken of by politicians, air-brushed out of tourist literature and never claimed as a hobby by anyone with ambitions to make their way in public life.
    • There are bones, there is blood, there are intestines, and all manner of unmentionable parts.
    • This was the great unmentionable fact when I was working there.
    • One unmentionable aspect of the war is the role of this mutlibillion-dollar corporate war machine.
    • It seems to be the unmentionable subject, and everyone assumes that Cheney will be the vice president, and he probably will be.
    • This particular kind of death makes people skittish, thinking suicide either a shameful or unmentionable kind of death.