Traducción de unmentionables en Español:


prendas íntimas, n.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈmɛnʃ(ə)nəbəlz/



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    prendas íntimas femenino
    • One source said: ‘It has been the big unmentionable, but it's back on the agenda.’
    • Dirty cheating usually involves a personal financial gain made from a betrayal of trust or from some form of subterfuge; it is widely condemned and spoken of either in anger or in the guarded terms of the unmentionable.
    • I think we'll find that if we finally dare to mention the unmentionable, finally start pointing out that with rights come responsibilities, sure, some people will pout and whine and wave their little fists about.
    • When he does mention the unmentionable, as an aside, the effect is callous.
    • By doing the unmentionable, the unthinkable, Sethe bears witness to the despair of a black woman slave faced with the threat of having ‘the best part of her… sullied’.
    • Amongst those whom I brought with me to remove the scales from his eyes was a present county councillor who was a former independent and who is now an unmentionable.
    • To mention the unmentionable is already impossible.
    • Unfortunately, it's the unmentionable that gets the most mention.
    • And in her agony, in her utter helplessness, mentioned the unmentionable.
    • Elizabeth's multi-talented Godson amused her court with his translations of risqué foreign verses and not surprisingly, bold wit that he was, he was never afraid to mention the unmentionable.
    • The second unmentionable is that even if we do get the Rolls, odds are we'll immediately crave another.
    • The youth-fixation of television and, particularly, Hollywood, has made ageing the great cultural unmentionable.
    • They do business with China, but they have to treat Cuba as the great unmentionable, the pariah.
    • The weapons of mass destruction lies went entirely unchallenged, while the great unmentionable throughout the entire debate was the imperialist ambitions of the US.
    • Yale University may promulgate the ‘right to think the unthinkable, discuss the unmentionable, and challenge the unchallengeable,’ but I have no right to expect funding or resources to help confirm my hypothesis.
    • It's always the great unmentionable, and unless our great absentee landlord is going to put money in his pocket…’ he tails off.
    • There's a pattern here, but it's hard to see because gender is the great unmentionable in public life, and women are especially invisible as citizens in a time of crisis.
    • Alaina fought not to snap at Sonora for mentioning the unmentionable, instead she asked, ‘What is this, do you know?’
    • The matter of discrimination stays out of the picture, the great unmentionable that might spoil the happy day.
    • If Zizek were a little less suspicious of Spinoza, he would realise that the problem, the obscenity, is not passion - which is mandatory, ubiquitous - but that great unmentionable, affection.