Traducción de unmodified en Español:


sin modificar, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈmɒdɪfʌɪd/


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    sin modificar
    • Since unmodified Ebola enters through, and attacks, the lungs, defective lung cells could benefit most from therapy based on this discovery.
    • The driver of the banger, an MOT failure which had a normal unmodified engine, has not been named.
    • This could spell trouble when a GMO cross-pollinates with the unmodified crop of a small-holder farmer and his crop becomes contaminated by patented genes.
    • What can you do with a machine that puts letters and numbers on an ordinary unmodified TV set?
    • These enzymes excise mismatched or modified bases out of the sugar-phosphate backbone and replace them with complementary, unmodified nucleotides.
    • Baxter rode solo on an unmodified, high-performance Kawasaki Ninja ZX - 12R for the St Dunstan's Blind Ambition Campaign.
    • Bioethanol has a higher octane rating than unleaded so unmodified petrol cars can run on a mix of only up to about 15% bioethanol.
    • The tests which Mr. Andersson envisaged were thus tests to determine how the Yacht in unmodified condition would perform, not tests designed to evaluate any particular remedial solution.
    • These fall into four broad categories of artifacts: ceramics, lithics, modified fauna, and unmodified fauna.
    • As long as the laboratory is performing only unmodified moderately complex tests, this is the extent of the quality control requirements.
    • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration considers genetically modified foods equivalent to unmodified foods.
    • The biologically-modified sons and daughters of the wealthy may become a distinct species from the unmodified.
    • The drill was to set up 10 identical S & W Model 64 revolvers, all completely unmodified.
    • And these books describe the Indian philosophy in entirely unmodified form.
    • When put on a high-fat, high-calorie diet for 13 weeks, the transgenic mice gained only a third of the weight that their unmodified brethren did.
    • Obviously, many exhibitions - perhaps the majority nowadays - are seen in essentially unmodified form in more than one place, but these were all genuinely different shows.
    • As such, if the Commission disregards the restart request, Parliament can simply vote the unmodified directive out of existence.
    • These can be used in unmodified diesel and petrol engines respectively when blended with conventional diesel and petrol.
    • The company returned to the unmodified version, seeming to forget why they had dropped it.
    • My understanding, from farming sources, is that growing genetically modified crops does not cost all that much less than growing unmodified crops.