Traducción de unmolested en Español:


sin problemas, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənməˈlɛstəd//ʌnməˈlɛstɪd/


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    sin problemas
    con tranquilidad
    • But a dropped pass by Law lifted the siege and the home side promptly went down the other end and scored with Warnock trotting over unmolested, this time converting his own effort.
    • The next twenty customers aren't allowed in until the last of the previous group has left and meticulous sales assistants have restored the shelves and racks to their unmolested condition.
    • So H.W. came to the Little Town and ran his business hated by every World War II veteran in the community but essentially unmolested.
    • They were allowed to walk unmolested by the police.
    • In point of fact, it is still possible to stroll unmolested in many neighborhoods, free of the odor of cinders and without fear of imminent incineration.
    • Not only could a stranger enter unmolested, workers often gave him directions to the most sensitive valves and control rooms.
    • It felt as if I'd been transported back to New York on an ordinary Saturday night, where garden-variety freaks walk the streets unmolested.
    • The Americans got off on the wrong foot with Falluja, and are now upset because the locals won't let them wonder around unmolested.
    • In the account given to the ombudsman, a senior Garda officer decided to allow the next car Dixon was asked to provide to the RIRA for a bombing to proceed to its target unmolested.
    • Meanwhile, where government has left people to go about their business unmolested by such schemes, humanity has flourished.
    • Yet my passport remains utterly unmolested by government seals.
    • You can lie on the beach here in peace, unmolested by the salesmen who seem have colonised almost every beach in places such as Thailand.
    • They could never be sure to live unmolested, and therefore many former slaves kept going until they reached Canada - it was wise to get clear of the Land of the Free, in order to claim rights in your own person.
    • It's remarkable, really - people get up, have breakfast, get the mail, tend the garden; in this sense they are unmolested.
    • What about the rest of the society and their right to live in peace, unmolested by criminals who know how to milk the constitution down to the last drop so that they can be free to keep the rest of the society in fear.
    • But in our yard, pecan trees grew in unmolested safety.
    • Whereas, the persons residing in or visiting this state have a right to expect to remain unmolested within their homes or vehicles, and
    • Practically the only place where a quiet cigarette can be enjoyed unmolested nowadays is around a corner and up against an outer wall, which puts me, for one, in mind of blindfolds and barked orders.
    • But if the reporter doesn't make that call, the leaker gets the story the leaker wants, unmolested by thorough reporting.
    • Similarly in Norway I am able to walk the street unrecognised and unmolested, but back home in the UK I am only able to do that because people are too cool to make a big fuss of me.