Traducción de unnecessary en Español:


innecesario, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈnɛsəˌsɛri//ʌnˈnɛsəs(ə)ri/


  • 1

    (not required)
    an apology is quite unnecessary no tienes por qué disculparte
    • it was unnecessary to buy a ticket no hacía falta / no había necesidad de comprar una entrada
    • Far from tickling anyone pink, this unnecessary remake is more likely to turn viewers red with rage.
    • For reasons which will become apparent it is unnecessary to give further consideration to the second element.
    • Exposed skin can freeze in seconds and result in unnecessary cold weather injuries.
    • Critics say the bill offers confusing and unnecessary changes to a law that has been in place for years.
    • If we could, the manuscripts would become unnecessary, dispensable.
    • I seem these last two weeks to have expended a lot of unnecessary energy.
    • To earn a decent amount from the health service dentists could, in effect, be doing work which is unnecessary and cosmetic.
    • The hope is that Sol Campbell's return, which is at least two weeks away, will render such expenditure unnecessary.
    • Things are tight and there is little space for unnecessary expenditure.
    • It is quite simply unwanted, unnecessary and utterly uninteresting.
    • The treatment of hypothyroidism is usually simple, and referral to secondary care is unnecessary.
    • This is a very strange solution, as it seems that the second census was unnecessary.
    • Therefore he should be released back into the community and a restriction order is both unnecessary and inappropriate.
  • 2

    (superfluous, avoidable)
    (complication/expense/suffering) innecesario
    unnecessary details detalles superfluos
    • don't put yourself to unnecessary trouble no te molestes demasiado
    • slamming the door was quite unnecessary no hacía falta / no había por qué dar un portazo
    • they made me feel unnecessary hicieron que me sintiera de más
    • It's mostly a man in a suit, save for a few seconds of nasty and totally unnecessary CGI.
    • We can make substantial contributions, if only we curtail unnecessary expenditure.
    • The second new point is, in reality, unnecessary as far as SG is concerned, if it is allowed to raise its first new point.
    • My second pointer may seem absurdly unnecessary; I assure you it is not.
    • After all, we do not want to waste unnecessary monies just on restricting his movements.
    • The total of those three sums is just wasted and unnecessary expense.
    • The family of Det Garda Jerry McCabe are still forced to endure unnecessary suffering.
    • Well, in the next ten seconds I was dumped in a completely unnecessary fashion into the bathtub.
    • But I do also wonder about the tsunami of unnecessary expenditure that engulfs so many of us.
    • If this is so, a proprietor can object to unnecessary repackaging even when it causes no harm to the specific subject matter of the right.
    • For Stephen to lose his life over fraudulent benefit claims is a complete waste and so unnecessary.
    • Many have been killed and some have also been tried for excessive use of force and other unnecessary action.
    • The use of weapons which cause superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering is similarly prohibited.
    • Yes, I am good with numbers and can recall excessive amounts of unnecessary detail from my past.
    • To reclaim your disk memory, you need to clean up these unnecessary and unwanted files.
    • Intimidation, unnecessary use of force and unjustified arrests would not help matters.
    • The Mayo defence conceded an unnecessary and needless corner from Derry's first attack.
    • If the City of York Council stopped wasting money on unnecessary road works it could save some cash.
    • Critics have complained this adds unnecessary time and stress to journeys.
    • However, this tactic will give our existing loyal customers unnecessary consumer surplus.