Traducción de unnoticed en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌənˈnoʊdəst//ʌnˈnəʊtɪst/


  • 1

    to go unnoticed pasar desapercibido / inadvertido
    • your absence didn't go unnoticed tu ausencia no pasó desapercibida / inadvertida
    • the film went unnoticed la película pasó desapercibida
    • she came into the room unnoticed by the others entró en la habitación sin que los demás se dieran cuenta
    • I just kept my end of the deal by staying quiet and unnoticed to the rest of society.
    • In the bustle of the capital, the Tory leader's visit goes largely unnoticed.
    • David's side of the family has been neglected, which has not gone unnoticed by his peeved parents.
    • The simple gravestone at Yeadon Methodist Cemetery could easily go unnoticed.
    • But the efforts of new young striker Daniel Bent did not go unnoticed by the caretaker boss.
    • This strength of character has not gone unnoticed by Indian women, who have found much in her to applaud.
    • The sacrifices that the people at my place have given have apparently gone unnoticed.
    • New lighting will be installed to bring the block out of the gloom, making it less easy to slip inside unnoticed.
    • He had transformed from the quiet and unnoticed prince to the strong and passionate captain.
    • Palm Island has been revamped and there is a huge new hotel in the previously unnoticed island of Canouan.
    • Many O26 bugs are relatively harmless and live unnoticed in the gut of humans and farm animals.
    • This time, however, there was no fanfare as he slipped out of the country unnoticed.
    • It's something that didn't go unnoticed in the Jensen household once his move north was cut and dried.
    • Happily I had found a quiet spot where my hyperventilating could go unnoticed.
    • He usually wears a peaked cap and is unnoticed as he sits at his café table, writing.
    • The error - by an accountant new to the job - went unnoticed for more than three months.
    • Why not undermine his own team, so that his poor performances might pass unnoticed?
    • What went unnoticed in the row was that these people worked all the hours that were thrown at them.
    • Is it really convincing that the man could have wormed out of the cells unnoticed?
    • It is sad to note that fine and world-standard talent goes unnoticed in our regions.