Traducción de unobjectionable en Español:


inobjetable, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnəbˈdʒɛkʃ(ə)nəb(ə)l//ˌənəbˈdʒɛkʃ(ə)nəb(ə)l/


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    • Much of the policing so far is unobjectionable in its goals and motivation but barely acceptable in the costs to innocent civilian bystanders.
    • While the day-to-day coverage of the campaign was unobjectionable, no newspaper conducted a serious investigation into Bloomberg's history.
    • That would have been mushy but unobjectionable.
    • So, to recap - Clayton finds punitive damages unobjectionable on moral grounds, but dislikes the natural procedural workings of the system that's necessary for cases to be brought under the adversarial system.
    • With this easy-to-use device, not available in stores, you can repackage an unobjectionable or toadying remark as an act of verbal courage.
    • Structural regulation, not involving direct control of speech but intended to make sure that the market works well, is also unobjectionable.
    • Other typical questions, and appropriate unobjectionable neutral answers, include: What magazines and newspapers do you subscribe to or read regularly?
    • In contrast to the graphic and scary depiction of parental behaviour in previous NSPCC initiatives, today's ‘Someone To Turn To’ campaign appears unobjectionable.
    • The first change concerned the distribution of powers between the members of the commission and is unobjectionable if the proper procedure had been followed.
    • In some cases, like eligibility for social welfare payments, the targets can be identified fairly objectively by income testing and the process is unobjectionable.
    • Some small measure of this may be unobjectionable, but if the War on Terrorism takes as long as the administration warns, it will become unbearably stultifying.
    • The consolation here is that the garden is clean and unobjectionable, requiring no more than grass cutting from Graham and general weeding and pruning from me.
    • I am glad that I added Jack's blog to my list of unobjectionable content (check out his recent post on anthrax).
    • Bush got what he wanted - a Supreme Court nominee too unobjectionable to be filibustered.
    • More evidence that racism is unobjectionable as long as it is in the service of liberalism.
    • But even this unobjectionable piece was marred by Woodruff's need to explain that ‘blog’ is short for ‘web log.’
    • As nakedness goes, the piece is a fairly tame, unobjectionable example.
    • The new forms of state intervention into our private lives are seen as unobjectionable by many commentators and intellectuals; indeed, they see them as desirable.
    • And exuberance is surely sometimes entirely unobjectionable, not least in a book that praises it.
    • That statement is true, and therefore unobjectionable.