Traducción de unobtrusive en Español:


discreto, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnəbˈtruːsɪv//ˌənəbˈtrusɪv/


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    • And for this he had music that was controlled, unobtrusive and keeping with the mood and the situation.
    • The birds were constantly on the move, their quiet and unobtrusive progress hiding very considerable speed.
    • I don't know if this was because she was just trying to be unobtrusive, or if she thought we were up to some nefarious activity.
    • So the Government, too, has been operating in a quiet, unobtrusive manner.
    • The music, mainly selections from the 1980s played at a moderate volume, is unobtrusive.
    • The unobtrusive dialect and horrifying irony here make this one of Nelson's best lyrics.
    • The Netgear WPN824 is a compact, unobtrusive box with several internal antennas, apparently.
    • Quiet and unobtrusive in our canoes, we could paddle up close to herds of elephant standing in the shallows and watch as they threw up wet sand to cool off.
    • The picture is at its best when Blaustein's unobtrusive film crew eavesdrop on the day-to-day family life of the wrestlers.
    • Last week Finance Minister Jaswant Singh, in his quiet and unobtrusive way delivered a triple whammy.
    • So pure and yet teeming with cultural meanings, white is at the same time unobtrusive and attention getting.
    • The quiet, unobtrusive Scot has gone about his task of having the course in pristine condition.
    • I found an unobtrusive niche, a little cliff garden of thrift and sea campion which gave me a vee-shaped eyrie over the water.
    • Swenson said most of the Marysville track's events would be small and unobtrusive.
    • Edward was a tall man, quiet and unobtrusive, but always managing to sort things out and keep all in order.
    • Brill filmed this by sitting with the counsellors and covering the action with unobtrusive moves of his small camera.
    • The news was placed in an unobtrusive corner of a local newspaper.
    • A quiet, unobtrusive presence, Recoing has been earning effusive praise for this role and rightly so.
    • Throughout the meal our waiters were unobtrusive and efficient.
    • We drive a Honda Civic, so he has to scrunch down and stick his head in the window, trying to be unobtrusive about it.