Traducción de unorthodox en Español:


poco ortodoxo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈɔrθəˌdɑks//ʌnˈɔːθədɒks/


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    (approach/suggestion/theory) poco ortodoxo
    he's rather unorthodox in his dress es poco convencional en su forma de vestir
    • However unorthodox her interpretation of landscape is, she is traditional in her preparation.
    • You have a rather unorthodox style of law enforcement, if I can put it that way, Sheriff.
    • Japan is so hot right now as Shoichi Aoki's exhibition of unorthodox fashion photography will prove.
    • Britten N. Lay views of drugs and medicines: orthodox and unorthodox accounts.
    • A spokesperson for the EU said that while the Irish approach might be unorthodox, it wasn't unethical.
    • Where respect is concerned, it is behaviour that should be the issue, not unorthodox opinions or dress.
    • Dr Rydell's unorthodox methods involve screaming a lot, moving in with his patient - and even sharing his bed.
    • With his orthodox and unorthodox batting, he lambasts any type of bowling, tearing it into shreds.
    • One of the most useful roles for research is to make people review their beliefs and legitimise unorthodox views.
    • As second jobs for comics go, it's unorthodox, but extremely fulfilling.
    • The former teacher has had an unusual career and he is well-known for his unorthodox, easy-going style.
    • I came up with matching words such as distinct, novel, unconventional, unorthodox.
    • Mind you, it only caught my eye because I possibly have the most unorthodox views on the island.
    • She was happy to live an extremely unorthodox way of life, travelling with him and content to remain alone when necessary.
    • Blaise Pascal's father had unorthodox educational views and decided to teach his son himself.
    • Their unorthodox approach has also met with academic approval.
    • In many cultures, it is still seen as unusual or unorthodox for women to enjoy the act of sex.
    • They will be in all sorts of places, orthodox and unorthodox, and there will be lots to choose from.
    • Faith in his own decision-making has made Watt an unorthodox football type since his days as a teenager on Celtic's books.
    • McKenna is well aware the attacking threat could come from a more unorthodox source than Chris Sutton or Henrik Larsson.