Traducción de unpaid en Español:


no retribuido, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌənˈpeɪd//ʌnˈpeɪd/


  • 1

    (volunteer/work) no retribuido
    (work/volunteer) no remunerado
    (leave) sin sueldo
    I'm sick of doing unpaid overtime estoy harta de hacer horas extras sin que me paguen
    • An estimated 109m people, about 56% of all American adults, volunteered last year for unpaid work.
    • Community penalties involve undertaking unpaid work amounting to seven million hours ordered each year.
    • While the research found that most vacation work would be paid, more than 9,500 British students will opt for unpaid work experience.
    • Andersen did unpaid work which helped sharpen up Labour's policies, especially in the field of taxation.
    • The Seoul researchers collected 242 eggs from 16 unpaid volunteers.
    • They generally feel that their work isn't valued, and they are doing up to $20,000 per year in unpaid work.
    • But she starts in Biblical times, where the template is laid for the future treatment of wives as obedient, unpaid servants.
    • Moreover, if local leaders receive a wage, they are resented by unpaid volunteers.
    • Dealler points out that some of the problems of BSE only came to light because independent, unpaid scientists drew them to the attention of parliament and the media.
    • According to the last census there are 15, 141 of these unsung and unpaid heroes in Merton with around 2,000 of them young carers.
    • Also, because she is expected to have unpaid work experience with a vet in her four weeks' holiday, she has no chance to pay anything off during the course.
    • Each year there are around 4.4 million adults undertaking some 430 million hours of unpaid work.
    • He said carers, including tens of thousands of unpaid workers, are saving the exchequer €2 billion each year.
    • Surrey's unpaid labourer, Zaheer Khan, is announced fit for the Pakistan match on Sunday.
    • To the organisers of these events, it brings days and nights of unpaid work that is often taken for granted by those competing.
    • Typically, these are at least as starved for funds as the province, and the job at hand inevitably has to be picked up by groups of unpaid volunteers.
    • In addition, they also doubled the period of unpaid leave from its current level to eight.
    • Carers of people with mental illness, unsung heroes or unpaid slaves?
    • But he chose the unfashionable business stream, and thence with unpaid work experience on the Times business desk.
    • And one of the consenting parties, in addition to being just barely an adult, was an unpaid employee of the other.
    • The Time Use Survey shows that young women 18-24 years do much more unpaid work than their male counterparts.
    • Magistrates ordered him to do 240 hours of unpaid work within 12 months.
    • Under the new ‘regime’ Sophie and her brother Jason are just two of the club's board of unpaid directors.
    • The man in the yellow shirt is an unpaid volunteer from the neighborhood, a member of the local crime policing forum, set up to the aid of police.
    • Thomas went to his grave regarding Eleanour as nothing more than a dear friend, useful as an unpaid secretary, the willing amanuensis who typed his manuscripts for him.
    • He was also ordered to undertake 150 hours unpaid work and to pay the £1,000 compensation to YorkBoat.
    • There are 6.5 million volunteers in Canada who contribute about one billion unpaid work hours each year.
    • However, the massive demand for such nurses has led to a need for unpaid volunteers, mostly women on moderate incomes with children of their own.
    • His official title is director of football at Exeter City, his real title is unpaid director of football.
    • We discussed the idea of my taking one day a week as unpaid leave for a finite period of time, or until new client work came in.
    • The girls are treated like unpaid slaves or prisoners, except there is no crime and no fixed sentence.
    • I always found great sport in asking these questions when I was particularly grumpy after a period of unpaid overtime.
    • These are the unpaid heroes of grass-roots rugby, who get no fees for turning out to referee.
    • The court will be able to insist they undertake unpaid work, drug or alcohol treatment or supervision while the sentence is on-going.
    • However inept these postings were, they were unpaid volunteers expressing their unscripted enthusiasm.
    • ‘We use unpaid work in the community to intervene in the way offenders think and behave,’ said Mr Munday.
    • The Times ought to be ashamed for its scheme to get unpaid members of the public to contribute to its website.
    • The teenager pleaded guilty and magistrates ordered him to perform 60 hours of unpaid work within 12 months.
    • When the second successor company was registered in 1997, he became a paid manager and unpaid director of that business.
    • This means that many migrants have to find unpaid work experience on their own.
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    (debt) pendiente
    (debt) no liquidado
    the invoice is still unpaid la factura todavía está por cobrar/por pagar
    • This spectacular fall left lenders and bondholders with unpaid debts of some $2 billion.
    • After weeks of investigating, the programme reveals the face of the thief who stole more than £15,000 and ran up hundreds of pounds in unpaid debts.
    • The ship may ultimately have to be sold to cover the unpaid debts, as well as the crew's wages and costs for returning them home.
    • Nothing is ever forgotten, and very few debts are left unpaid.
    • The rules of bankruptcy allow such deals to discharge a bankrupt, no matter how large the unpaid debt.
    • Mr Straw said legal safeguards were in place to stop oil revenues being seized by another country for unpaid debts.
    • So the fact that the medical debts were unpaid says little, because it may reflect strategic payment of debts prior to bankruptcy.
    • But the voters pronounced on those and believed the Government parties' promises which are now an unpaid debt.
    • Their name and address plus the details of the account show along with a red card saying that their debt is unpaid.
    • As a result, the march's legacy will probably include a flood of red ink, much the way other national events have ended in unpaid debt.
    • With this infrastructure in place, what's to keep some group from saying that people with unpaid child support shouldn't be allowed to fly?
    • A close inspection of unpaid debts often reveals poor performance and unsolved issues.
    • Police presently believe the murder was prompted either by unpaid debts or Khatibi's involvement with drug deals.
    • These and other unpaid debts represent cash that should be sitting in the city's bank account.
    • May said council officials inquired about the unpaid debt shortly after Arthur's death but did not pursue it further until now, five years later.
    • Since then, Scottish Courage has continued in its efforts to keep the club in business and continued to supply the club - in spite of the unpaid debt.
    • They've been miscategorizing most identity theft all along - chalking it up to unpaid debt and writing it off.
    • At the heart of the dispute is the way First National treats borrowers who have come before the court because of unpaid debts.
    • Bulgarian police are working on the theory that banker Emil Kyulev was murdered because of large unpaid debts.
    • She also admitted Mr Smith had once driven his car into the owner of the forecourt in Birkenshaw from where he ran a used car lot over an unpaid debt of £50,000.