Traducción de unpaved en Español:


sin pavimentar, adj.

Pronunciación /ʌnˈpeɪvd//ˌənˈpeɪvd/


  • 1

    (path/area) sin pavimentar
    (road) sin pavimentar
    (road) sin asfaltar
    • The boys crossed North Avenue and continued walking until they came to a short dirt road, the only unpaved street left in the entire city.
    • Matheran Station lies at the start of the single, unpaved, main street of the hamlet.
    • The streets, which were unpaved and unappealing even in daylight, were taken over by bands of wandering bandits and cutthroats after dark.
    • Many of the pastel-painted adobe shops and homes along the unpaved main street had bullet, mortar, or artillery shell holes and were roofless.
    • The zoning permitted streets to be left unpaved.
    • In addition to the cramped quarters, the streets remained unpaved, and because gas lines had not yet been installed, the families used kerosene lamps.
    • Here donkey carts clop along unpaved streets past fly-studded carcasses hanging in butchers' shops, and peanut vendors and yam salesmen hawk their wares.
    • He watches warily as a young man in dusty boots walks down the unpaved street, pushing a flat cart carrying bright yellow plastic chairs, chickens, and a little girl.
    • As indicated, the only data reported for these roads is whether they are paved or unpaved.
    • Nora Willman stood at the corner of the small, unpaved street, her basket of fresh fruits and vegetables swinging carelessly in her left hand.
    • The 130,000 people in Chincha Alta live in a world of unpaved streets, windowless huts and open sewers.
    • Hannover was a small town where cattle wandered down the unpaved streets, and there was not so much as a single coffee shop in which to pass the hours in intelligent conversation.
    • The houses were made of stone and iron and a lot of the streets were unpaved with stones all over the place.
    • Limited data, including information on mileage and paved versus unpaved status, are gathered for Minor Collector roads and Local roads.
    • [The street] was unpaved; and down the middle a gutter forced its way, every now and then forming pools in the holes with which the street abounded.
    • Dingy wooden buildings are piled together haphazardly, rising three stories and hanging over the unpaved mud street, if you insist on calling it that.
    • The Arab district is a run-down clump of ugly apartment blocks and unpaved streets; it is rife with unemployment, drug-dealing and gang violence.
    • Nassau, the capital on New Providence and the only real town, was a modest settlement of lightly built wooden houses clustered around a single unpaved street.
    • Carlos and his five brothers and sisters grew up in a tiny village in northern Mexico, Autlan de Navarro, where the streets were unpaved and chickens ran riot.
    • Anybody got any better quotes or other news from the streets (and unpaved roads)?